Freedom of Speech – again!

For the second time in less than two weeks I have been blocked by Facebook from posting my articles on different groups.
A pattern is emerging. Every time I write an article about the Muslim Brotherhood – an officially declared terrorist organization in Egypt – Facebook blocks me from posting on the different groups.
What I write about this terrorist organization is all correct and fully documented. I explain their creed, their beliefs and their behavior, which they seem to find disconcerting and, as they are very well organized and have dedicated entities on Facebook, they immediately start a campaign against me which results in Facebook blocking me from posting on other groups.
The first time I was blocked for one week, this second time I am blocked for two weeks. Facebook warns me that if I repeat what I do to get blocked, the will block me again, but they do not tell me what it is that I am doing that gets me blocked!!!
I have sent them repeated messages asking them to explain why I am being blocked, but have received no answer.
Anyone who reads my article would be challenged to find a single case of anything that could be construed as inciting towards hate, discrimination or violence. I do not believe in any of these and would never use them. Even when talking about the terrorist organization, the sMuslim Brotherhood, I strictly adhere to proven, documented facts about them.
In my last article, after which I was blocked for two weeks, I explained the Brotherhood’s beliefs and how they affect their behavior.
The Brotherhood does not believe in Patriotism. They believe that they should conquer the world and that it should be under the rule of a Caliphate. Despite claiming that they rule in the name if Islam, yet they break every rule of that religion. They have something they call “takeya” which means that the end justifies the means and which allows them to lie – and in some cases urges them to lie – to reach their end of the greater good for the Brotherhood. Not only is lying encouraged, but also any kind of unethical dealings in business as long as they are not caught, and which bring in revenue to the Brotherhood, is allowed and encouraged. There are also proven cases where they have encouraged assassinations of innocents in the name of religion and for the betterment of the position of the Brotherhood. They treat women with disdain and have used them as human shields during some of their demonstrations in Egypt, but worse still they claim that women can score as doing “jihad” by dispensing sexual favors. This happened blatantly during their sit-in at Rabea, where young girls were brought in specifically for that purpose.
So despite claiming that they are pious religious people, they have managed to break all the rules of their religion by advocating lying, cheating, stealing, killing and adultery for the sake of the Brotherhood. All this is documented and proven, not only in their own literature, but through everything that was documented during their sit-in during Rabea. So nothing that I have stated is not factual, because if it was they could have dragged me into court for liable, which did not happen. But their only way was to try to block the spreading of my articles on Facebook by getting Facebook to block me from posting on the different groups.
My surprise is in the fact that Facebook did block me. I have repeatedly asked them for the reason behind this block but have received no response. I think this is very unfair and am still waiting for an explanation from Facebook for their action, which to me appears totally unfair. Until I get a convincing explanation for blocking me, I shall continue to believe that there seems to be bias and discrimination in facebook’s treatment of its users.