The Egyptian Presidential Election


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One example of how biased reporting can be is the article in The Economist, the link for which is at the bottom of the page.  Every nuance and every statement implies fraud, pressure and coercion. Twisting facts to suite their purpose seems to be western media’s forté.
The fact that 47% of the electorate participated the first time was due to the gratitude of people to Al Sisi for helping the people get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood. Also the fact that 42% showed up this time should be celebrated not shown as negative. Considering that the people are going through an economic crunch, this percentage is unprecedented. I would like to see how much of the electorate would participate in any other country under the same economic conditions if they did not simply love their President for what he did and what he is still doing.
Does he have opposition? Yes of course, give me a President who doesn’t. Is there coercion of any type, bribery or pressure exerted on people to vote for him? Absolutely not. Not my words but those of the delegates sent to monitor the election. They are accredited people from all over the world who monitored the election closely and who gave a clean report. Were all these people bribed too?
As for the enthusiasm with which the people, especially women, showed in front of the election booths, the singing and dancing, waving the flags and generally behaving like they are ecstatic? Well, that was partly because they were, but mainly because of something very few outsiders could appreciate. Egyptians love to tease. And the angrier their target becomes the more overt their teasing. The songs used by the people to dance to were those that turned any Brotherhood member into a bull having a red flag waved under his nose. That was the main reason for those songs.
As for all the innuendoes littering that article that Al Sisi did not win fair and square, that is total fabrication of biased reporting by someone with an axe to grind or one who is totally ignorant of what is going on in Egypt.
The fact that a few figureheads were put up as running against him then were disqualified or withdrew is now blamed on Sisi! Is he supposed to provide everything, including people to run against him? What a totally ridiculous idea. Where were all those people for the past four years? Oprah Winfrey has already announced that she will be running in the next election in 2020! So why is there complete silence on the Egyptian front? These people seem to be seasonal politicians, they only appear during the election season!
As for the spoiled ballots, does that not show that the democratic process is now starting to work in Egypt? There are those who oppose Sisi’s style of government and who went to vote and showed in their ballots that they abstained. Though a large percentage of those were people who wrote encouraging messages to Al Sisi, yet they are still considered as spoiled ballots and lumped with the opposition.
The implication that the President was behind bribery in the form of money, gifts, pilgrimage or even infrastructure to the areas that have the highest turnout is extremely unfair. How could he be blamed for the behavior of individual businessmen or even for the foolishness of some of his supporters? But that is exactly what is being implied here.
What seems to be completely missed by biased western media is a very obvious fact that all Egyptians know. Egyptians love their President. This seems very difficult for the west to grasp. Egyptians are emotional people and though to westerners actually loving your leader does not make sense, yet that is exactly the case here. Though to my way of thinking they know exactly what is happening but are following certain policies in line with their governments’ for their own nefarious reasons, and we have proof in all the failed States to which they attempted to bring “democracy”.
Enough is enough.