Response to: The Shadow over Egypt


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I had missed seeing the program on BBC World but managed to read the published article with all the accompanying pictures.
My initial reaction was: how could anyone, even a foreigner, get things so wrong?! But when I kept going I came to the key that unlocked the mystery of such an unconscionable recital, where everything was twisted, facts distorted, innuendo everywhere and negative impressions in every word used. A clever writer can invoke a mood by using the right words and by leaving hints that never materialise but give the general mood required. This was very cleverly done by this very capable writer. It would never go over with any Egyptian as everything stated here is just an allegation but not a categorical statement that would bring about factual confrontation.
The key to all the barrage of accusations of brutality, dictatorship, torture and heartbreaking family stories came when, out of the blue, Regini was mentioned. Here was the key. The Regini story was the crux. An Italian student, Regini was sent by his handler, an Egyptian Brotherhood member, professor at Cambridge, to gather information about worker unions in Egypt and make contact with those who can help with subversive acts. He was not very adept and was caught by the local Brotherhood members, was unable to prove to them that he was working for their international headquarters in Britain, was tortured then killed. The local branch of the Brotherhood used him to break relations between Egypt and Italy that were on the way to a great deal of economic cooperation. Regini’s body was dumped where it could be easily found and a huge campaign on Facebook was waged denouncing the Egyptian police for torturing and killing him, even before his body was collected from where it was dumped. This did cause a break in relations between Egypt and Italy. After a few months of intense investigation by both the Egyptian and Italian Authorities, a totally different picture started appearing. The Italian Parliament issued a formal apology to the Egyptian government and requested the reinstatement of their Ambassador to Cairo. Both were accepted. Then the real story of Regini’s ties to the International Muslim Brotherhood based in the UK started to become public. Regini’s professor who was his handler, who gave him his instructions and sent him to Cairo, was requested by the Italian authorities for questioning but never appeared. The whole incident had all the hallmarks of a British spy novel. Using assets that were all dispensable, be they a foreign student or a foreign professor. Though the plot had thickened, yet the truth was finally revealed by the Italian authorities who publicly exonerated Egypt of any wrongdoing and extended a public, official apology and resumed diplomatic relations. This was all a very public condemnation of the underhanded treatment of the shadowy MI6 using dispensable assets to further the ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood, their proxies in Egypt, for sedition in Egypt in the hope of reinstating them to rule.
This very vicious attack by the BBC is no surprise after the plot hatched by the International Muslim Brotherhood in Britain for the armed overthrow of the current Egyptian government was revealed last week. A known Muslim Brotherhood leader and ex member of their Irshad ruling committee, Abdel Moneim Abul Fettuh, was caught red handed, with all incriminating documents after returning from London.

There he had given two vitriolic interviews to both the Qarati Jezeerah television station and to the BBC. On his return to Cairo, he was detained for questioning, which he thought pertained to his interviews, but when he found that his seditious plot was discovered he immediately asked to be hospitalised! He was, and his interrogation was halted till clearance was given by his doctors. The evidence found was overwhelming and all documented and found in his house. The rest of the conspirators were rounded up and now they have been accused of their crimes and are awaiting trial.
The BBC attack on Egypt in the form of this supposedly unbiased documentary is just one more piece of evidence of how mainstream media is being used by the behind the scene powers to further certain policies in other countries. Although there is an attempt at trying to appear as upholding to high moral ground, this ‘documentary’ is so biased and flagrantly used for political reasons that the reputation of the BBC has now become quite tarnished in the eyes of most Egyptians. By repeating this program practically daily as announced, for the next month, up to the Presidential elections in Egypt, the BBC probably hopes to affect the outcome. If that is the intention then they have missed their mark by a mile. The examples of the people they have used in their program are very well known for sedition by what they have done to the Egyptian public, and for which they have been publicly tried and lawfully incarcerated. This has totally backfired where Egyptians are concerned. The effect on the less informed general public might be different, but anybody who follows international affairs can easily verify the Regini case, which will totally demolish this program’s credibility.