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The most embarrassing moment ever, happened to a friend of mine. I know this is supposed to mean that it happened to me, but really it did happen to a friend and colleague.
We were working for a multinational company, that had a small office in Cairo, and was just starting up. At the time getting a telephone line installed was a miracle, even if you paid the then horrendous “fees”. As a fledgling company, telephone lines were essential, so the company was scrambling all over to try to find someone who could help get us a few telephone lines. This colleague told me that she knew someone high up in the Telecommunications Organization who might be able to help expedite the acquisition of the lines. So we told management and it was approved that my friend would pay him a visit and ask for the lines.
On the set day, she came dressed to the nines, high heels, full makeup, very attractive and professional looking. At the appointed hour, a car with a driver took her to the Telecommunications Organization to meet her contact. She walked up the stairs, his office was on the first floor. He had a corner office, very large, with a conference table and a suite of leather chairs and sofa.
The gentleman got up and greeted her at the door of his office, escorted her in, ordered some coffee, and listened carefully to her request. He was very gracious and promised to do what he could to help out in expediting the acquisition of those lines.
After the meeting was over, he escorted her out of the office to the head of the stairs, where she turned for a last handshake and farewell. She miscalculated the distance to the first step, her heel slipped over the edge and she started to fall. She automatically reached forward to grab onto something to break her fall, at the same time the gentleman reached for her to stop her from falling. All she managed to grab was his little finger, but that did not completely stop her downward slide. It did save her from a nasty fall, but at the same time she heard two cracks, her heel gave way, and the poor gentleman’s finger broke. The howl he gave brought out the rest of the staff who surrounded him with tender commiseration, while she trailed behind, limping on a broken heel, extending apologies.
Needless to say we gave up at the office any hope of getting those telephone lines, but the man was a gentleman through and through, and as promised, the lines came through after a decent interval.