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Finally a new American Finance Director was appointed and I applied for the job and got it. It was the most fun I had to-date on the job. My boss was a young, easy going man with a terrific sense of humor. We both had a lot of fun. It was then that I came to know the Regional Financial Director, and we became good friends. When my boss was reassigned and I got a new one, an Englishman who was not used to the informality by which business was run in that American company. He was uptight and was giving me a hard time at first. The Regional Finance Director noticed and asked me. I said he still wasn’t used to the culture but would probably catch on. He did. But later on I found out that the Regional Finance Director had talked to him and clarified things to him. This new boss turned out to be one of the best I had. He was tough but fair. He was strong enough to delegate, and most of his administrative duties fell to me. We worked very well together for a few years. He even had a sense of humor that made working with him fun.
But all things come to an end. The company decided to relocate its offices to the North of Cairo, a long way off from my home. At the same time a new Regional Vice President was taking over. I did not want to relocate, was really reluctant, so they had to sweeten the deal and asked me to try for the top job of working with the new Regional VP.
The new Regional VP was relocating from China, a very good looking man. When he came in I was asked to sit with him for a formal interview, which turned out to be my asking him and him replying. I just wanted to make sure he didn’t smoke, a filthy habit. He didn’t. That was good. He interviewed two more candidates, then I was told that I was selected. So I accepted, and therefore had to relocate with the office to the north of Cairo.
When he first arrived my new boss needed a lot of help in settling down. Finding an apartment, getting his shipped furniture in, settling in at the office and getting to know the people he would be working with. As I had been with the company for quite a few years, he depended on me a great deal in showing him the local ropes, who’s who and what is socially accepted, what the customs were and what not to do so as not to offend the locals.
He wanted to buy a fridge I think and asked where to go for that. We had the outlet for such electric equipment nearby so I took him to that large shop so he could have a varied choice. At that time I wanted to buy a microwave and while he was looking at fridges I was looking at microwaves. He was done and came over and asked me what I was looking for. I told him, and that I wanted a large one. He asked me why. That little devil in the back of my mind took over, and with a completely straight face I said that I wanted one big enough so that when I bathe my Yorkshire terrier, I can put him in there to dry. The poor man went white. He was probably thinking ‘My God, these barbarians, she’s going to kill the poor dog’. I could actually see him struggling on how to put it in such a way as not to offend me and still save the dog. He started to explain how microwaves worked and what the principles were and what it does to anything placed inside. I said: But I like hot dogs! The look on his face was too much for my control and I went off in a peal of laughter. Then had to apologies, I said it was irresistible, and that I was pulling his leg. I don’t think the poor man felt comfortable about the safety of that dog till months later when he got to know me better and understand my rather naughty sense of humor.
Five years later the company was downsizing and to all intents and purposes he was my last boss. The Regional Office was shut down and I should have been let go! but the President of the Area asked me to stay on for another year to help out the Manager appointed in my boss’ stead as well as train someone to help him, so I stayed on till the end of that year, then took my compensation package and went into a life of leisure anticipating moving into the boonies, way out in the desert and the kind of life I’ve always dreamed of. A place with a garden and a pool, lots of pets and lots of time to catch up on all the reading I wanted to do. And so it was.
The end and a new beginning.