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The police came in very promptly. Not ten minutes after being called, they were there, a male and female, both in uniform. I had to go through the whole thing again for their benefit. My friend insisted on lodging a formal complaint, so the policewoman said to do that we have to go down to the police station. I would have let it go then, but my friend insisted. So we followed the policewoman, both of us in shorts and halter tops. The humor of the situation suddenly struck me. If anyone saw us getting into a police cruiser with a couple of officers, and the way we were dressed they would probably think that we were being hauled in by the Vice Squad, probably for soliciting. I started to giggle, be it a bit hysterically, but the policewoman must have guessed where my thoughts were and informed us it was a plain, unmarked car, not a police car. Relief.
We got in and were driven to the police station where my friend got her wish of lodging a formal complaint, enumerating our losses. It took at least two hours. We were finally taken back to the hotel.
Our luggage was a total loss, most of our clothes gone, and a good chunk of our shopping, including my friend’s pearls were gone. The thief had started with her stuff and was just starting on mine when I interrupted him. So my pearls were still there, but not a decent stitch of clothing to wear tomorrow when we were scheduled to fly back to Cairo, during Ramadan. If we flew back in our shorts and halter tops we would probably be stoned right there in the airport! Of course that would not happen, but in a conservative society, dressed like that would be pretty uncomfortable. So down we went again to buy some luggage and some decent clothes for our trip back home.
The day finally came to an end. If I had started it feeling tired, I ended it feeling numb. My Spain experience was not exactly a keeper. But I still do cherish the few days of beauty and relaxation of Malaga. So not a total loss.
The hotel sent us a letter, seven month later, in Spanish, saying that the circumstances were not covered by their insurance and therefore they regret their inability to recompense us for our losses! I thought that was adding insult to injury. They would have been better off not writing at all.
The End