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My visit with my friend in Montreal, Canada was going very well. I was so badly jet lagged I could barely stay awake through all the entertainment that he had planned for me. She took me to a musical something that I cannot remember a thing about, except a moment of panic after she parked the car in a multi storied garage. Once out of the car, a moment of panic because she could not see the exit. Once she potted it, all was smooth sailing. This gave me food for thought. I never felt like that, ever, in Cairo, no matter how lost I was.
My friend taught school, and one of the things we did was she took me to one of her classes to meet her students and for me to meet them. They were fascinated with Egyptian money, and had I known that I was going to meet them I would have brought more change with me to give to them.
Downtown Montreal was very strange to me. Very, very wide pavements, but no people. Where were the people? She nodded towards a lone man walking down the pavement across the street and said : There! Frankly he looked Indian to me, not Canadian.
One day she took me shopping. I had an architect friend I wanted to buy an architect drawings case for. We went to a large shop and I finally found what I wanted in the luggage department. A very nice young man helped me out to choose the right case, I told him it was a present for a friend. After I paid for it and went to collect it, the young man was again very helpful, knowing that it was a present he asked me : “Shall I rape it for you?” After my initial gasp, I tried to keep a straight face and said faintly: “Yes please, that would be very interesting. May I watch?” He was deeply flattered, and I was excruciatingly curious how he would go about it. He then proceeded to cover the case with paper. Ah well, life is full of disappointments! I thanked him and took my “raped” case to meet my friend.