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My three kittens are a joy … And a terror. Having three teenage healthy, frisky kittens roaming the house is sometimes very, very funny, and sometimes very, very enervating. Just a few days ago I heard a crash and broken glass. They tried to climb up a tall vase of artificial flowers, brought it down in a million pieces. And this is one of a pair. So had to hide the other one. I have a lot of artificial plants indoors. They look quite natural. So they climb the trees, eat the leaves and petals and dig up the ‘soil’. In a word, total destruction. Once they outgrow this stage will probably have to replace quite a few.
A couple of days ago I got an internal call from the gardeners saying that the wire mesh at the kitchen window was ajar and they saw a white and a grey cat there. In a panic I rushed downstairs. I found Snowy, the Persian father, one of the white kittens and the grey kitten. No Lizzy, the mother, or the other white kitten. Panic! They cannot handle street life. I started calling Lizzy, no response, so went to her dish and poured some dry food in. It makes a distinctive sound. In a second she was there eating. Relief. But where is the white baby? I looked everywhere but to no avail. Feeling depressed and worried I went downstairs again to tell the gardeners to start scouring the garden and the streets around us, when a movement caught my eye. There she was, perched on top of the freezer, watching all my antics!
They have a nightly ritual. When I turn in they have to come in the room and check in on me. Once I am settled in bed, Snowy curls up next to my pillow, and Fisky at the other end of the pillow. The rest of the tribe leaves. They are cavorting all night all over the house. Quite often I hear crashes and have to go investigate, but more often than not, can tell what they are doing, which is mainly chasing one another all over the house. At around five in the morning they come back to check in on me by chasing one another on top of me. This is a signal for me to get up and fill their plates with their dry food. Once they have this meal, peace descends on the house and things quiet down till midday.
Each one of my pets has a distinct character. One white kitten, ever since she started walking, was an explorer. She is the one who fell, twice, from the second to the first floor. I have named her Pixie, she is always getting into trouble. She was the one missing until found on top of the freezer. The second is the grey one. She looks like an angel, but is a closet terror. She was the one who broke the vase. She is called Spicy, because of her color. The third kitten is far more docile and still a bit scared, so she is called Sugar. Pixie, Spicy and Sugar.
Some of their foibles are: they love sitting on the back of the commode in my bathroom and looking out of the window. Pixie even likes sitting in the bowl of the commode! Spicy sits in the sink. Sugar cowers behind the washing machine, while Lizzy perches on my back.
Pixie loves watching TV and usually is very critical of what she sees, she is turning into quite an astute judge of everything political. Great future. Spicy is into fun and games. She should have been a boy. Anything that is risky, or a dare, she undertakes, and quite often gets stuck on something too high to come down from and has to be helped, or under something too low and has to be rescued. Nice sleeps a lot. The first two take after their mother who is still a terror, she is the one egging them on, but Sugar takes after her placid father. Snowy could sleep 25 out of the 24 hours!
The kittens’ relationship with the dogs is quite good. At first they were not quite sure who their father was. Was it Snowy or Cookie, both being white. But when they grew a bit they saw that one was a cat and the other a dog. Still they adopted Cookie as an honorary relative and quite often, to the distinct discomfort of Cookie, strop themselves against her and sniff her nose. Frisky is another story. He is very nervous of Lizzy who has a tendency to attack him if he comes near one of her babies, so he keeps his distance. But the babies have no reservations where he is concerned, they treat him the same way they treat Cookie.
The kittens have finally learned yo use the litter box and now know where their food and water are. The rest of the house is their playground. They have chosen a little used room for their morning naps. It is one of the warmest rooms in the house and will serve them well in winter.
My kittens are a terror and a joy, but I think the joy outweighs everything else. My only fear is that I think Lizzy is pregnant again. If she is, and gives birth to another litter, I might just leave the house to them and go back and live in the apartment!