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Getting into Facebook is such an adventure! I never expected it to become so intriguing. Not only have I met so many interesting people, I really did not have to get up, get dressed and go somewhere to do it. Curled up in my PJ’s or feeding the dogs, relaxed in front of the TV or quickly taking a peek on the run, these are all informal, anonymous interactions. The Facebook community know me by my picture, and the beauty of it is, it could even NOT be a real picture of me. Facebook gives you the ability to become anybody you want.
I found out that being in Facebook – and I use that advisedly :in not on – has enriched and expanded my life. Although I do live a fairly full life, yet never would I have been able to meet so many interesting people, or gotten the opportunity to listen to and converse with so many people with such diverse ideas and concepts, had it not been for this wonderful medium.
I have found the anonymity of Facebook, though I discovered quite a few people on who know me personally in real life, not through this virtual world -this perceived anonymity has enabled me to shed quite a few of my inhibitions and now feel free to rant or even just wander uninhibited in my imagination. It has opened a medium for me to communicate without self consciousness, an illusion that I am sort of talking to myself: hence the barrage of memories I have been unloading on you my FB friends. Your reactions and encouragement have released a monster that will be difficult to cage up again.
I am slowly discovering the different facilities of FB one being the magical inbox, where you can have a conversation with one, and in some cases a group of people. Have even discovered that you can have a voice call through FB but not sure if it works in all cases.
The beauty of being able to share not only opinions and thoughts, but also music and pictures, makes the possibilities endless. It is like someone dying of thirst then jumping into a cool clear pond of fresh water. You cannot get enough.
Getting out of FB is now the difficulty. Not only do you have to deliberately stop, but you also go through withdrawal symptoms. It is quite an addiction, because you know that behind that little screen, and that keyboard is a world full of everything that is new and intriguing , news, advice, words of wisdom or humor, music and tunes that put you in different moods, pictures of beautiful natural scenery, or strange aspects of this universe of ours, paintings by the masters or scribbles by your niece, movie clips that are funny or horrendously violent and shocking. In fact the whole world, brought to you on a ‘tablet’ and as near as your fingertips.
This is a tribute to all my virtual friends on FB, you are now becoming more real to me than the people who live around me. I feel that I have gotten to know you far more deeply than ever I could with those I meet face to face. God bless and keep you all.