As the garden did not have any gates yet, I had to keep the big dogs either in the kitchen or on the roof, otherwise they would have been all over the compound. So we fell into a routine whereby they spent the night in the kitchen and the day on the roof. Except when the workers needed to work on the roof, then we had to perfect the trick of getting six large, exuberant dogs from the roof, back into the kitchen.
I remember one day they got out of hand and went into the area where the painters were working. They had announced their impending arrival through a storm of barking. Most of the workers promptly disappeared, but one, who was up on top of a ladder, did not get the chance. The dogs swarmed in and started milling around, excited to be in a forbidden area. The poor man quickly scrambled to the top rung and cowered there holding onto his brush for dear life. It took a few minutes to round them up and get them into the kitchen. When the rest of the workers came back, the man was proclaimed a hero for surviving the attack by the ‘monsters’. He strutted around for a few days living in the glory of that incident.
The dogs’ reputation as guard dogs was established when Caesar once got away and went up to the roof where a worker was cleaning up the finished tiles. He had a knife like implement that he was using when Caesar surprised him. The man was startled and jumped up to his feet, still holding his tool. Caesar jumped at him. Clamped his jaw on the man’s arm, holding the tool, and, according to the man, did not let him go till he threw it away and went down on his knees. He was complaining to me about it and I did see the teeth marks on his arm. I cleaned his wound and told him not to worry as all the dogs were vaccinated. That didn’t console him much, though.
As it turned out, this man asked for a job as a guard and gardener, and I did hire him. He is now on excellent terms with Caesar and the rest of the clan.