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What a day. Have decided to spay and neuter my cats as now I have 5 and enough is enough. Not only are the young ones eating me out of house and home. They are systematically destroying said home.
So yesterday I called the Vet, set up an appointment for him to do both the male and the female. He said to bring them before one in the afternoon and I can take them both back after 7 pm.
So to be on time I decided to leave the house at 11.30. So at 11 I started collecting the cats to put them in their boxes. I thought I would start with Lizzy, the female because she is very hyper and highly strung.
The Vet had told me not to give them any food as they will be taking anesthesia. So no food since the previous night. At 11 in the morning I kept calling to Lizzy, but it seems a sixth sense kept her out of range. So I thought I would pour some food and that should attract her. It did, but still she was very wary. I kept quiet until she got in range then lunged at her, but she was too quick for me and got away.
From that moment the chase was on. I had to deputies two of the staff to stand sentry to hedge her in, but still no go. After giving me the run around for ten minutes upstairs, she lunged at one of the staff scaring her out of the way and like lightning ran down the stairs and into the kitchen.
There we closed the door and thought we had her barricaded in. I never realized there were so many nooks and crannies in the kitchen. I got to see every little hiding hole in that kitchen, over the next twenty minutes. From under the unit of the stove, till behind the fridges and freezer, even up the wire mesh on the window to the top of the window pane. So after crawling on my hands an knees to get to her under the unit of the stove, then squeezing myself behind the fridges, then climbing on the step ladder to get her off the window, after being scratched and bitten several times when I got too close, I finally gave up. Her survival instinct was much stronger than my determination. So after thirty minutes of a totally exhausting, and futile chase, I gave up. My hands were bleeding and my whole body hurt, so enough was enough.
Trailing my defeat, I picked Snowy up, put him in his box and off we went to the vet. The whole procedure took two hours and I picked him back up and brought him home. He is still a bit groggy, but doing well. Lizzy has totally disappeared, cannot find her anywhere. I don’t know how long it will take her to forget today, and don’t know if she will ever trust me again after today’s chase. Only time will tell. I sincerely hope she is not pregnant, but if she is, God help me, I really don’t know how I’m going to cope with more cats.
Anybody wants adorable little kittens, not born yet?