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Within the next few months the sun is supposed to flip. Which I think means that the two poles will exchange places. The same is going to happen to the earth. What is that supposed to mean? Will that mean that suddenly we will be living in the Southern Hemisphere? Will all maps now have to be viewed upside down? Will we celebrate Christmas during summer vacation? Will we have the mid year school break in mid summer? Will Egypt have snow in June, while South Africa is having summer vacation?
Will all that affect the weather worldwide? Already the Japanese earthquake followed by a tsunami has shifted the world’s axis 10 degrees. Has this affected the weather in the different parts of the world? I think it did in Egypt. We are nearing the end of November and the weather is still very warm. We are still in summer clothes. Are we getting any winter this year? Or when we do get it, will it be a very severe one, very cold, unlike Egypt’s normal weather?
There also seem to be many volcano eruptions worldwide. Is this related as well? Will we be monitoring more tsunamis as well? Is this a precursor of a more drastic shakeup worldwide? After years of talking about global warming, are we now faced with more drastic weather changes that are unfathomable? Will we start seeing meteors showering earth? Will the oceans rise and swallow all land except for the highest peaks? Will the sun’s shenanigans get out of hand so as to start burning the atmosphere, the crust of the earth and all that is on it? Start evaporating the oceans then earth would be enveloped in a thick wet fog.
The sun’s eruption would play havoc with all electronic signals, communication is totally disrupted. No telephones, no television or radio, no communication. Each group of people becomes an isolated entity, not knowing what was happening to the rest of the world. Electricity would be a thing of the past, water would become scarce as no way of getting it without electricity. How long will it be before people realize what is going on and start taking drastic action for survival? How will we survive? Shouldn’t we, first and foremost ensure the provision of food and water? The first step would be a run on all the stores that have these commodities. Looting will be the norm, so will be killing for goods. Life would revert to the laws of the jungle. Only the toughest would survive, the most ruthless, or the most devious. After some time guns would be useless because they would run out of ammunition. We will have to resort to knives and swords, and even these have to be kept sharp and in working order.
Animals would start going wild, and with lack of food our pets would turn on us. Dogs would turn vicious once starvation sets in. So would cats. Or maybe we would reach the point where we have to kill and eat them. A total breakdown in civilization as we know it. A really new world order. Like if we have an apocalyptic war that ends in total disaster for humankind.
I wonder which will come first, a total weather disaster or an apocalyptic war? In either case the end result is the same. Reducing mankind to its barbaric beginnings again. This time with the knowledge of what had come before, but with none of its tools. Maybe then it would be time for the extraterrestrials to come back to earth and start over again. Maybe their experiment this time will include totally new rules that try to ensure better survival. It seems that the last time around, religion and the appeal to our better selves, as well as fear of punishment, were not enough. This time maybe immediate implosion of anyone who does not act in the best interest of the group. Maybe people will be programmed differently to take out individuality and each assigned a task best suited for their abilities. No individuality! Thousands of drones. A very well regulated world. But for a few rogues who managed to get away before programming, who start a different colony in one of the most remote corners of the earth.
Then there we go again…. and history begins again.