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I know this is a subject that has been killed to death, but give me a chance to vent a bit.
So many things happen on FB that give me pause, I would just like yo list a few. First and foremost, the FB picture of each person with an account. Being a woman I understand trying to put your loveliest picture forward, but what I really cannot understand is when people put the picture of an object or an animal. I suffered severe mortification for three days when I had to become a giraffe as penalty for getting the answer wrong to a riddle. I even tried the picture of one of my cats for a few hours before I had to change it back to my face. It felt very strange to be a cat. I cannot imagine why a person would like to be someone else. Ok Al Sisy and some great looking movie stars are great, but we are we, and we are just as great, each in our own way. Placing a picture of the flag, or a logo of something you believe in should be the picture of the background, but your picture should be YOUR picture. I know, we are not all good-looking, but you would be surprised at how good-looking you become once people get to know you and like you. On FB you get the chance to project your inner being, and in doing so, you are honestly connecting with all those who see your posts. Just BE YOURSELF, you cannot imagine how liberating it is and how beautiful you look to others once they see the real you through your posts.
Another thing I have noticed is the variety in the lengths of the different posts. Some are barely one liners and others spill into pages. I can sympathize with the latter as I am a chatterbox on paper, but I keep my chatting to the articles I put on my blogs or my page; and though they do spill in to my newsfeed, you really don’t have to read them unless you want to. But posts which are comments on certain subjects, or certain opinions that go on and on and on, really put me off. When I find a post that has Continued at the end of it, I go there and glance at the length, if it goes on forever, more often than not, I just skip it. I might be the only one doing that, but I really don’t read very long posts when I am surfing FB, too many new posts come in.
The third thing that irritates the h..l out of me is when people keep inviting me to games. I have never played any of those games, I DONT LIKE THEM. Have even posted a sign for people NOT to invite me to games, and I still get those invitations. I try to ignore them, but I find my good mood evaporating and find I am gritting my teeth. Please PLEASE stop it.
Also this very restrictive ‘Like’ thing. Quite often it is extremely inadequate, and of course that is when comments come into play. But supposing you just want to acknowledge seeing a comment, without really giving an opinion of said comment, you only have the option of Like. There should be more than just Like. There should be OK, Seen, Nah,Yuk! Huh? Ha! and the very important and expressive Mmmm. Now we are restricted by just Like to cover all the previous feelings. Why can’t all these expressions be added, like the stickers?
One of the things I love about FB is that I get to learn a lot of technical stuff which I did not know about before. Just lately I have found the magical world of stickers. A couple of friends and I went crazy yesterday in a private conversation where communication was mainly in sticker form, we had a competition which is a lot of fun to the participants, and quite a headache to anyone watching. We are a group of friends who sticker together till the end. Though one of us went sticrazy and had to be talked down from her dangerous high, we have not lost anyone in our stickering yet. Yes, I know, pretty childish, but again, that is another aspect of FB that I love. If I want to be silly or childish I feel free to be so, no inhibitions. I am usually so proper and dignified in real life it was smothering my inner child. But the beauty of being dignified on the outside is that you could get away with a lot of nonsense without anybody being the wiser, just because you are doing it, or saying it with a straight face and in a dignified manner. Not so with my friends who know me though. But on FB I don’t need the outer facade, I could be as childish and silly as I like.
I kept the best for last. The people I have met. Nowhere else would I have had the opportunity to meet so many great people, some of whom are already friends, and more I am looking forward to meeting face to face to solidify this embryonic friendship into a full-fledged, grown one. With this feeling of release from inhibitions that comes with writing and posting on FB we get to see the REAL us, the ones hidden behind a thousand masks in what is called the real world. In this supposed virtual world we reveal ourselves far more than we think, by the posts we choose to share, by the comments we write, even by the subjects we choose to avoid. I really think that the description of the two worlds should be reversed, the virtual world is the one where we physically live in, but the real world is where we all live as ourselves, once we are rid of all the inhibitions, the masks, that keep us back.
This is dedicated to all my real friends in this world.