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My first encounter with games played on FB, mainly as a trick, was when a riddle was set out which I arrogantly thought was a piece of cake. Of course there was a trick within the question, and I fell into the trap and gave the wrong answer. The penalty of getting the wrong answer was to have to post the picture of a giraffe instead of mine, for three days. At first it was rather embarrassing, but to tell you the truth, by the end of the three days I was beginning to become fond of that giraffe. But as my belief is that you are who you are, therefore you should put your own picture there and people would like you or not, that is their problem not yours. But that’s another story.
The second time I fell for it was through a friend I had not suspected would do that to me. The trick was to post a rather outrageous statement on your status and whoever ‘likes” or comments on your status gets roped in. After 24 hours of total silence, the instigator sends an explanation to each individual, on their inbox, explaining the game, and giving a penalty which continues the generation of that game.
The penalty for falling to this trick is to post on your status one of ten phrases. These are mostly extremely outrageous and embarrassing. I think this particular trick was originally started in a less conservative society than ours, because the statements are so outrageous and embarrassing that those who did have the courage to post used one of the only two phrases that were benign.
As my friend whose statement roped me in had used one of those two statements, I was not left much choice and used the other one. This turned out to be very fortuitous, and I’ll tell you why.
I love my pets. I have indoors, two dogs and five cats, out of which three are kittens. The antics of those kittens are continuous and often hilarious, so I am forever bombarding my friends on FB with pictures and anecdotes to do with my kittens. This was reaching a rather high note lately as the kittens have now become teenagers and have become really naughty and extremely funny. I am daily posting either a picture of one or more kitten on top of the TV and half hanging down on the screen trying to catch whatever is moving on the screen, or writing a short anecdote of one of their antics, breakage or very funny poses. So now my Pixie has taken on some aura of fame or notoriety on my timeline on FB. My friends are mostly tolerant of my, and my cats’ idiosyncrasies and take it in stride, some are even kind enough to comment favorably or just ‘like’ my posts and pictures.
When I got roped into that trick, the only benign statement I could use was one that said that a mouse just jumped over my feet. In hindsight this turned out to be an extremely provocative statement to all my friends. The number of comments I received about how ineffectual my cats are was very indicative of how closely my friends follow my cat news.
This is all well and good, but what was the best part was yet to come. The reaction of the different friends when they received my explanation in their inboxes. These ranged from reproach to hilarity.
The first was very reproachful and tried to guilt me into letting him off the hook. All I would concede was that they could use some poetic license in the outrageous statements to be used. Another actually asked me if my account was hacked! That really set me off. But there were also a few ruffled feathers that had to be pacified. I never realized how many humorless people there were around. Others totally ignored me and the game, no response whatsoever. But the ones I enjoyed most were those who either responded with their statement, or who got into a friendly argument on the inbox, trying to argue their way out of posting one of those statements. To one and all I told them they could use poetic license. One friend in particular was so outrageous in his attempts at poetic license I was laughing my head off all morning.
Those who did follow-up and post one of the statements are now probably going through the same experience. I hope they have more friends with a sense of humor than those without. What a great way to spend half an hour laughing with a friend first thing in the morning. Thank you FB for another way of making life a joy.