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The definition of telepathy in the oxford Dictionary is:

[mass noun]
the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.

Some people are more prone to sharper telepathy than others. As far as I can tell this is something they are usually born with. If there are ways and means to develop it, I don’t know them. The extent of my reading about it was limited to the very scary interpretation of it by Stephen King.
Yet telepathy seems to play a rather large role in our lives. Some call it a “gut feeling” others call it a “sixth sense” while others still, call it intuition or instinct. It is probably a combination of all the above. How many times have you met someone for the first time and just “instinctively” did not feel comfortable towards them, then later found out that your “judgement” was right and that there was something wrong with them.
Some people have this sense rather highly developed. It is probably a combination of sharp observation, a strong sense of empathy and that illusive telepathy where you seem to tune into the thoughts of others. In such cases they have an uncanny way of seeing things and a near perfect record of reaching correct conclusions. They can usually interpret a tone of voice, a gesture or glance, the use of a word, or lack of use of certain words, to interpret behavior in such a way as to deduce future behavior. When this happens they are said to be telepathic.
In interpersonal relations this can be quite an advantage to the telepathic personality. They can “read” the people around them. They instinctively notice certain constraints when talking about certain subjects, a slight change in tone or mood that can usually be attributed to the correct reason if the parties know each other. Body language is now a science, this usually helps, but with telepathy it is far more than that, it borders on a kind of transparency where thoughts and feelings are concerned. The telepathic person usually has high sensitivity, sharp observation, strong empathy and an ability to correctly put together data received and reach correct conclusions. To a normal person, this borders on the magical, yet it is just some highly developed cognitive abilities. This is very clearly demonstrated in the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle when depicting the character of Sherlock Holmes. The same with Agatha Christie and the character of Hercules Poirot. This makes for very good entertainment, but in real life it can be extremely uncomfortable to meet such people. One would feel quite naked, for nothing is more revealing than thoughts, and for those to be read by someone else is something very disconcerting.
It is therefore a very good thing that these people are very rare. It is also the reason why most science fiction writers are fascinated by this subject. Some deal with it seriously, and rather scarily like Stephen King in his book “The Shining”, which was later made into a terrific film. Or it could be handled in a comic way as was the case of the film “What Women Want”. In whatever way it is being handled, the subject is fascinating, and is probably being scrutinized by scientist right now to try to develop these cognitive skills. Can you imagine how much such a method of communication could save on your telephone bills?