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We have a saying in Egypt: The one loved by God, God makes beloved by His creatures. اللي بيحبه ربنا بيحبب خالقه فيهMy Mom is always quoting it at me. Another of her sayings is : May God keep all evil people away from you. ربنا يبعد عنك اولاد الحرام My brother’s stock answer to that is: I would be very lonely! A third saying is: Heaven without people is uninhabitable. جنه من غير ناس ما تنداس
What do all these sayings have in common? People. That is the crux. The rallying of people around anybody who needs support is one of life’s blessings. The warmth of love and support generated by a large number of people towards one person is a palpable wave of good will and positive energy that has a fantastic, positive effect. It is like a strong wave of enveloping warm love and care, a tsunami of good wishes and help. I am one of the very lucky ones. Having been in a very dark place of fear and depression due to my Mom’s deteriorating health, I have actually felt the loving energy sent to me in wave upon wave of good wishes and loving help. Just the minute each and every one of my family or friends thought to drop me a line or call me to ask how we were, has generated a positive wave of love and good wishes that, in their entirety have compounded to become a force physically felt. I am amazed at the difference this love has done to my Mom’s health. After reaching a very low ebb indeed, she suddenly took a turn for the better, and thank God, and all his loving creatures who love us, this was due to their beautiful feelings which have been sent to us like an avalanche of warm wishes.
I am turning into a firm believer in the transmission of energy by people. Some energy is positive, some negative, but all is energy. Positive energy has the power of good, it gives support, generates good will, helps quiet the restless soul, heals the ailing body and gives solace to the grieving. When this energy is multiplied, its effect grows exponentially. I am new to this field and have just started being consciously aware of its many fascinating layers and depth. Cognitive awareness brings it to the foreground of your consciousness, but does not mean that you have not felt it before. Feelings are different. You have them, always did, without being aware of them and without categorizing them for what they are. When you are finally made aware of them, you recognize them as fitting the description being given to them by those who are aware and consciously in the know.
I was one of those who referred to those feelings as instinctive, as friendship, as family ties, but the truth is, it is pure love. Love. A badly maligned word. A word denoting such a beautiful feeling, such fantastic energy, it is a crime to try to attribute other descriptions to it. In Christianity God is Love. The highest level reached in any relationship is love. It is a purely spiritual feeling that has no shame attached to it, except when people start attaching it to things that are physical. Even then, that should not be the case. Each type of love has its own kind of beauty and should never be denigrated by negative feelings.
Negative feelings on the the other hand generate negative energy that could have very adverse effects. Such negative feelings as envy, jealousy, are very harmful and could be felt very strongly by people who are targeted by them. These are feelings and energies that are harmful to those generating them and to those who are receiving them. How many times have you felt “uncomfortable” in the company of someone you barely know? This discomfort usually means that that person has negative thoughts and feelings that are transmitted into negative energy to you, and which you receive and have made you uncomfortable. We usually try to avoid such people, and for good reason. That is why the saying about keeping evil people away is basically a lovely wish for protection and safety.
The final saying that Heaven would be intolerable if uninhibited by people, is again that feeling of the beauty of collective, positive energy and its very strength that makes life beautiful. On a very basic level, the collective instinct of herding together is for protection, at higher, more spiritual levels, it is the positive energy that is generated by loving people with goodwill towards one another that makes for an environment of comfort and joy.

28 January 2014