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Today has been a comparatively good day. Although it started with my Mom’s hysterics that I had died, because I was late going in to the hospital, it continued getting better from then on, with a slight dip in the middle, then a great big bonus towards the end.
I really do not know what to do to reassure her that I am alive and well when I am a bit late in the morning. She gets so distraught, it pains me, but I really do need those couple of hours in the morning that give me the stamina to continue throughout the day. I tried to joke her out of it by telling her that I promise, the moment I die I shall come and haunt her so that she knows. If I don’t haunt her it means that she will be seeing me in flesh and blood shortly. Although this coaxed a smile out of her, I doubt she would remember it for the next time I am late coming in. But I won’t give up, I’ll keep drumming it in till it sticks.
After making sure that the nurses gave her her rubdown to increase circulation and help prevent bedsores, we were just about to settle in when a friend and neighbor dropped in. She is a very entertaining lady who is never at a loss finding a subject to talk about. She is very fond of Mom and quite often used to come, when we were home, to just sit with her, and often asked her for advice about some personal problems, which my Mom seemed to have helped her with. When her husband arrived to pick her up, she met my cousin on the stairs, so we barely had a minute to ourselves before my cousin came in. One of my favorite cousins, she is a few years older than I and used to teach at college when I was a student there. Since that time, when she asked me never to be in one of her classes, and I complied, we became good friends. She was a lot of help today, not only did she try to put in a few words about how imperative it is for me to take a break out of the hospital, but she went further and told my Mom that she was taking me out to lunch. I knew this wouldn’t sit well with my Mom, but that she would also not demure. She did ask though, three times, where we were having lunch, and every time I reassured her that it is a restaurant around the corner from the hospital. Her parting words were enjoy yourselves and take your time, no need to hurry back. This alone told me that she wasn’t really very happy about my going, but go I did. I needed the break, I was hungry and mostly I enjoy my cousin’s company. And I was right. It was a great lunch, the food was fantastic as usual, I had a glass of Chardonnay with lunch and we ordered so much we took “doggie bags” which are elegantly name “take always” at such an elegant restaurant, which will cover my supper for the coming few days! Just as we were stepping out of the restaurant, a second, younger cousin called to tell me she was on her way to see me at the hospital. I told her that we were just coming out of the restaurant and would get there in time. As I hung up, her car stopped in front of us, out she came, and all three of us took one car and drove back to the hospital.
As we were about to get into the hospital building a couple of young men, on an upper balcony, shouted down to the driver asking him if the roads were clear. This usually means are there any demonstrations by the MB. As we had seen nothing we confirmed that they were, but asked why and they said they were hearing some rumors but were trying to verify. My first cousin thought it best to leave as she lives next to the TV station that is usually targeted by a lot of demonstrators. She left then my younger cousin and I went up to Mom’s room. And wham! Where have you been? Why did you leave me to their ill treatment, they have been moving me all over the place and all I wanted was to stay put. Take me out of here immediately, I want to go home. So I did the one thing that I knew would give her pause and would tell me if that was just a temper tantrum because I had been away for a couple of hours, or if it really was true. I said, how dare they! I shall immediately go and see who had done that and give them a piece of my mind. So right away she said, no don’t. When asked why, she hesitated then said they will retaliate and ill treat me when you are not here. If I had not seen how these girls treat her, especially when they think I am not there, this would have caused me to have nightmares and I would have moved to live in the hospital, but I had seen them and knew that this was her secret weapon to pressure me into doing what she wants. So I changed the subject, and my cousin helped me, and we took her mind off her complaints.
My cousin stayed for half an hour, trying her best to minimize the effect of the reception I got when we came in. By the time she had to leave,I hoped that my Mom who had stayed totally silent during the visit would have calmed down. And surprisingly, that was the case. The next hour was very pleasant indeed. I had my Mom back, true, a very weak one, but lucid, humorous, witty and very, very loving. A lovely bonus at the end of a day of ups and downs. While we were talking, she kept trying to get me to leave so I could rest and I told her I won’t till the night shift nurse who I hired to stay with her all night shows up. Then surprise, surprise, my brother and his family came in. I could see her face light up, and she was happy. I stayed for a few minutes, told my brother and his wife about the night nurse, packed up and left for the day. I left on a lovely note, she was chucking about something my brother had said. Today was a good day. Thank you friends and family. Thank you God for all your blessings.
7 February 2014