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After Holy Week I had planned some maintenance work to be carried out at the house. Coming back on Tuesday I had scheduled for Wednesday the annual maintenance of the air conditioning units at the house. For Thursday I had planned the putting in of new shutters for one of my huge terrace windows, Friday I had scheduled lunch for my Facebook friends and for Saturday a meeting with representatives of a company providing solar powered electricity generators.
So the very next day after my return to the house, I had a crew of four workers invading the house, checking out the A/C units all over. As these are workers that are usually hired by the owner of the company for any given job, it is customary for a member of the household to watch them while they work. But that Wednesday was a very strange day. There were three workers along with their boss, and they kept splitting up to do work on different units in different parts of the house. My houseboy was running around ragged trying to keep them all in his sight, when in came a couple of my friends, who had previously asked to visit, but who were quite late and came in at the peak of the work being done. Of course good manners necessitated that I offer them something to drink. They said they would but a bit later. So while I was entertaining my friends, the workers finished the ground floor where we were and started on to the second floor. That was when my friends said they were ready for their drinks, so I had to call my houseboy for that and the workers were left alone for a few minutes.
That seemed to have been all that was needed. For after the job was done, and I paid them and they left, and later in the evening on turning in for the night I noticed that there was something different about my bedside table. It took me a couple of heartbeats to realize that my latest Kindle was not there in its customary place on the bedside table. The charger was there, but not the Kindle with its black cover. The old Kindle with its brown cover was there, but not the new one. Shock! What? How? Where? OMG, I’ve been robbed. Who? When? Then I took myself to task and resolved to have the houseboy take my room apart, just in case it was carelessly knocked off the nightstand or fell behind it, or under the bed.
I slept rather badly that night, with dreams about being chased in an underground garage by people trying to kill me. But next morning, when the houseboy came in I told him about the missing Kindle and he said that it was there yesterday morning when he cleaned my room. So I told him to move the nightstand, look under the bed and we did. Nothing! So I called the head of the maintenance people who were in yesterday and told him what happened and said that this is unacceptable and he needs to find out who took it and to return it.
First reaction he categorically denied that any of his people could do such a thing. Denial, denial, denial. But I insisted, I said they were the only ones in the house and the Kindle was there when they came in and was not after they left. That it is an inanimate object that has no legs and cannot leave except if carried by someone. As I am a really good customer he did not want to lose me, so was trying to pacify me, but he is such an idiot he managed to antagonize me more and more by his idiotic assumptions. Till I finally lost all patience with him and strongly put my foot down, either the Kindle is returned, or no more business, and very negative report to all my acquaintances. He hurriedly said that he was on a job and would get back to me as soon as he could.
The next I heard he called my friend who had referred him to me, asking her if I am liable to fly off the handle and accuse people randomly of something that I might have misplaced, and she just lit into him giving him a piece of her mind, and how dare he think that. That I was the kind of person who would think a hundred times before leveling any sort of accusation and that I would be absolutely sure before taking such a step.
He then called me back to say that he would like to come see me to discuss the situation and I said that he may, only if he brought the Kindle back with him. Anyway he did show up in the late afternoon and started making noises about one of the boys working for him, that he suspected him and that he called the boy’s mother and asked her to look through his things to see if it was there.
During that session with this man, he idiotically admitted that another of his workers told him that he did see the Kindle on the nightstand while they were working on the unit in my room. That cinched it for me. It was there while they were working, and was gone when they left. That idiotic man even tried to hint that one of my own people could have taken it, and that was when I really let loose. I realized I was scaring him when he started backing up and cowering in a corner of the entrance hall. I then told him to man up and start acting like a boss and go get the Kindle back. He left, promising to let me know. Ten minutes later he called, asked to come back and when he did, said the boy’s mother had called back, in hysterics, because she found it among his things. Finally! So I told him fine, go get it. Then he asked what I wanted done to the boy, will I call the police and hand him over? I never intended to do that, because that would have been the end of that boy, with a precedent on his record, if he is a weakling, that would be the end of him. I could not have that on my conscience. So I said I won’t hand him over to the police, but that he, his boss, if he cared at all about the boy, should put the fear of God into him if there is to be any hope for his straightening out.
Finally, a couple of days later, the maintenance guy came over and handed me my stolen Kindle, minus the cover! He dragged the boy in to apologies to me, and when I asked him what he had done with the cover, he denied that there was one! That was when I realized that this boy really is a moron. He is caught red-handed with the stolen goods and is still denying a superficial part of the theft. I just gave up then. I was going to try to either shame him into repentance, or appeal to his conscience, or scare him with heavenly wrath at having committed a deadly sin for which he will be punished in the thereafter, but after that idiotic denial I saw that any sort of communication was a waste, the boy is an idiot.
Three days of high drama ended with my Kindle back, sans cover, an interesting story to entertain my friends, and broken hearted parents who did a very bad job of raising their son, finding out that he was a thief. These few days have shown the maintenance guy in a very bad light, as a weak, rather stupid boss, who cannot control his people, showed me that my people are truly loyal and very protective of me and mine, and has given me a feeling of great security and confidence in my home and domestic help. A rather bad experience that has resulted in a very positive outcome.
26 April 2014