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It was not planned and it caused a great deal of uncomfortable changes, but it was irresistible and I could not say no. When the lady who offered me my babies called to say she is at the end of her tether and could not cope any more, and if I could just pass by and pick up my babies right away, I jumped at the chance. I was wondering what I was to do those coming few days till they arrived, now I will have them right away. Yayyy!
Of course all my plans had to change. I had to buy them at least some plates. Well I do have plates as I have a lot of pets, but every pet should have its own plate. I could not buy the collars or leashes as they are still too young, but did buy wipes – two kinds, one for a general wipe-down and one to clean the different orifices – bought chewable toys to save my slippers and little balls to play with them. I also bought their special kind of dry food and a new brush to try to get them used to it so that they don’t give me a hassle later when I try to groom them.
I got to my friend’s house later than expected but she was waiting for me. The shop owner had the forethought to give me a couple of carton boxes to carry them in. I would have brought the carry case had I been going to collect them as scheduled in a few days.
First I sat with them and all their siblings and their parents till they started getting used to me. I kept petting the dad then giving them my hand so my scent mixed with their dad’s so they feel comfortable with my scent. Finally we decided to put them in the carton, but my friend had to take the adult dogs away so as not to witness the departure. The puppies were put on the back seat of the car and I drove away. The poor darlings kept crying all the way to my house. A good twenty minutes.

We finally got home and I called my staff to welcome the new members of the family. One of them picked up the box and his face split in a huge grin on seeing the puppies. The other ran forward to open the door so that the puppies were ushered into the house in style. We took them to the kitchen and let them out there. The first one of my furry family to bid them welcome was Cookie, my Mom’s dog. A lovely, loving Griffon, she came in, sniffed them wagged her tail then left. We put down some water which they lapped up, then put some dry food which they nibbled at.

I started cooking the food I had bought for them, then had the houseboy help me take them up, with food, water, chewables and grooming implements.
They are so young and have been living among so many members of their family, they did not feel scared. They just started exploring the living room. Suddenly Pixie appeared and the astonished look on his face was classic. He literally fell flat on his stomach with surprise, then hurriedly tried to get up to flee from these alien creatures, but the parquet floor was his downfall. His four legs kept slipping on the floor and he stayed in place. Reminded me of Michel Jackson’s dancing. But the look of panic on his face was hilarious. He finally got enough traction to totally disappear around the corner, and has not appeared since!
The next one of the kittens to brave a tentative exploration was Sugar, and still the sight of those alien creatures literally stood her hair on end. The rest of the cats have also disappeared. I am hoping that in a few days they might start feeling a bit less intimidated and realize that these alien creatures are really quite harmless.

The puppies themselves began to settle down, started to recognize my voice and to follow me around, as to their way of thinking, I am the only link they have with their family. The process will take a bit of time till they start thinking of me as their family and to forget their original one.
They have relaxed enough to start running about a bit, and to play and wrestle with each other. They are not feeling lonely or threatened and that is why all my plans changed.
I now cannot in good conscience leave them for any extended period, until they are totally secure in the house and in their surroundings. So now have changed the venue of our weekly ladies meeting to the house. Also at the end of the week the Facebook friends’ meeting will have to be at the house again. Otherwise I cannot attend. But all my friends were kind enough and understanding enough, to adapt to the new venue. Of course there is also the added incentive of meeting and playing with the puppies. I expect them to be thoroughly spoilt.
Having the puppies with me on coming back home after an absence of a few days is such a blessing. They have made my return much easier than the last couple of times I was away. In the hassle of getting them into the house, getting them sorted out with the rest of the animals and people, getting them to drink and eat, that first pang of pain was nearly drowned. Then when they cheerfully stumbled on one another to make sure they kept pace with me, the way their little faces lit up when they see me coming into the room, the love they already show me has gone a long way to assuage my pain. The miracle of love. Love given so freely and without expectation. The kind of love you can only get from such adorable creatures as these.

If ever I had second thoughts about my decision to take on the responsibility for two more lives, these doubts have totally vanished. I know I have done the right thing for me. I need them now, as much as they need me. My beautiful Troy and Helen have breathed joy into my life, will probably drive me insane till they get housebroken and will transport me into convulsive laughter with their antics. Thank you God for these two little miracles and for all your blessings.
19 May 2014