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The idea originated when my friend took her little doggie home after staying a few days with me and my doggies. I thought mine are two together and will find solace in one another, but poor little Mistika will miss her siblings, Helen and Troy. So the idea of a doggie play date came into being, and also included the much larger, though still very young, Chilli.
Not all plans work out, and this was one example. Though the whole thing was set up with Mistika in mind, everybody showed up except for Mistika and her human as both were struck with the flu. Rotten luck.
A couple of days before the scheduled play date the weather turned into sweltering heat with a sand storm. In some areas around Cairo the thermometer read 50 degrees Celsius, and the sand and winds made it intolerable. I kept my fingers crossed as could not have a doggie play date indoors. But God was kind and the day dawned a glorious sunny fresh day which was a joy.
Before the guests, canine and human, arrived, I took my dogs for a spin in the garden with the big outdoor dogs, Caesar and Lippa, as well as the two other indoor dogs Cookie and Frisky. All formed one big happy family, each couple representing different age groups, with Caesar and Lippa being the largest and the oldest at 14 and 13 years old,


then Cookie and Frisky representing the middle age group


and Helen and Troy bringing up the rear, as babies.
The funny part is how the big dogs shied away from the babies and their antics. They kept trying to jump up and nip at the big dogs’ ears and those beautifully mannered big dogs just got out of their way. Finally they all settled down and I was sitting on the terrace waiting for my friends when I heard some splashing in the pool. Looking over I saw my two little devils starting to venture in. I hurried down to stop them, but by the time I reached the edge of the pool they were both already in and swimming like they were born to it. Getting them out of the pool was a problem. I didn’t want to wade in, and they completely ignored me. So it was after a few minutes, when they started getting a bit tired, that they finally came back out. Totally wet, dripping all over, wagging their tails, and once at my feet, shaking out their whole bodies to be rid of the excess water … all over me! I didn’t want to wade into the pool, so they brought the pool out to me!

I went and got a huge towel and started drying them as best I could and kept them in the sun so they can dry off. It was while they were drying that my friends arrived. I had the big dogs taken back to their kennels as I don’t know how they would deal with Chilli, then went out to greet my friends.
Persuading Chilli that it was OK to come in was very difficult. He kept hearing the barking of Caesar and Lippa and kept bolting, but eventually we half persuaded, half dragged him in to the back garden, then let him loose. The first encounter between Chilli and my dogs was very interesting.


They sniffed each other’s noses. Yes noses. And the little ones were their usual impulsive selves till he inadvertently stepped on poor little Helen, who squealed, then the little ones were more careful around him, kept a discrete distance, or sheltered under the table.

Bit by bit they started getting used to one another until half an hour later they were all running around the garden together, in perfect harmony, and even Chilli started being careful so that he doesn’t step on either one of them. Of course in the meantime he already stepped on my feet several times and I fully sympathized with Helen. He is one big, heavy dog. Suddenly it struck me that in another six months I will have TWO of this size, if not bigger. Troy is already one big puppy. OMG! What have I let myself into? Too late. I already love them both dearly and am already used to having them following me everywhere. Ah well, will have to wear iron boots.
Chilli and his human had come in with a couple of friends who drove them in, and the man was already smitten by Chilli. During the day this developed into a very strong bond, as this gentlemen kept sneaking tidbits of food to Chilli till the dog knew which side his bread was buttered. There was no harm in that as long as his human did not object. So a mutually agreeable time was had by all.

By the middle of the day, with the sun getting stronger, the dogs having run ragged, it suddenly dawned on my two that the pool was handy. Chilli, being the sport that he is, agreed wholehearted to the idea. But the actual jumping in took more corporeal persuasion by his human, in the form of a strategic and timely shove. Poor Chilli found himself up to his armpits in water, then quickly scrambled out.


But as this breed loves the water, he came back again and again, just wetting his legs, but not actually going for a swim like mine had done in the morning.
The pool looked so tempting it was agreed that our next doggie play date would also include a human pool party.
The vet came in to give my two their second booster shots and as I was preparing their lunch he gave me a practical guideline as to the amounts and types of food. When I told him what I was feeding them besides their dry food, he, I think jokingly, asked if I could invite him once to their lunch …. So all three dogs ate lunch, well gobbled it down, then, although Chilli wanted to play, my young ones were too tired and went to sleep under the table.
When it was time for our lunch we went up leaving the dogs together in the garden. But not for long. My babies started crying for me, so I had to let them in, but Chilli was enjoying his day out he stayed in the garden. Once we were done we went out again but sat on the terrace. We were all relaxed, rather full with our lunch, even the dogs felt relaxed and finally they all slept under the table, with Chilli’s head resting half on Troy and half on Hellen, all fast asleep. It seemed that during the day Chilli developed a crush on Helen, and from then on he just wouldn’t leave her alone.

On the whole the day was a resounding success. Both dogs and humans enjoyed it tremendously, and we are all looking forward to our next doggie play date/human pool party, when hopefully Gucci and his human, as well as Mistika and her human can all join in.
7 June 2014