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That’s their favorite game. EVERYTHING is fair in that game. Troy and Helen could get a hold of my clothes and if I try to help them to let go, the game begins. The latest object of that game was this morning at 5 a.m. Helen woke up, jumped on her hind legs and snatched my reading glasses off the night table. I was out of bed like a shot, then ensued their favorite game.
Any kind of paper is fair game. If I have a drawer chockfull of receipts, they are sure to get into that. If I kept my printing paper within their reach, then they have a field day. I keep those jumbo kitchen towels up on the mantle so they are handy for the still numerous “accidents”, but after Pixie is finished with them he is generous enough to throw what’s left to the dogs. Now I fully appreciate the saying “It has gone to the dogs”. Yes totally demolished. They take the start and run all over the house, with the roll obligingly unwinding behind them. A new look, Christmas decoration in the middle of summer. Of course the last thing of interest to them in this game is their own toy.
They have gnawed at all and any wires that they can reach. They have already eaten the wiring on two statue candelabra in the hall downstairs, have munched through the wire of my mobile charger and eaten the handle of their wire brush.

They are at their most dangerous when they are silent. If they are awake and silent, then a disaster is in the making.
I got a new fridge, it was brought in, unpacked and ready for use. Unfortunately one of those white packaging materials was left behind. By the time I had paid for delivery and came back to the room it looked like it was snowed under. Little white flakes covered every available surface. Of course trying to clean that up while they are still there is asking for trouble. One of their favorites for tug-of-war is the broom. This comes second only to the mop, as added to its attractions, the latter is also wet!

The only way to get the house semi clean while my houseboy is on his weekend is to shoo them out the door into the garden. Though I know full well they will be getting into the pool and trailing in water and they need to be washed down.
Another much loved toy is the toilet brush in its porcelain holder. First they tip the holder so they have proper access to the brush,then they take it and fly. They love it so much, the last time I found it hidden behind an Aubusson sofa in the salon!

In passing they have also given some attention to the artificial plants I have decorating the house. One poor tree now looks so pathetic I had to retire it to the storage room upstairs. My living room sofa came into their range of interest for a while. They left part of it in tatters.
Bamboo is a treat! I have a sofa, four armchairs, three tables and a stand lamp all in bamboo on the balcony, and they show where their teeth have been sharpened. A nice, big, gaping hole in the table is the result of much love.
They are eight huge paws following me everywhere. They are at their most dangerous when going down the stairs. They still do not believe in sticking to their own lanes. They keep overlapping into mine, and if I wasn’t holding on to the bannister I could have taken a potentially dangerous spill. They would make excellent drivers in Cairo traffic.
Food time though is a joy. They just sit patiently there, waiting for me to fill up their plates, call them, each to his own, then gulp them down in three seconds. But they are very well behaved. I feed Cookie and Frisky first, and after once trying to horn in on Frisky and getting thoroughly chastised for their effort, they have never done it again.
I have sliding doors of wire mesh on the balcony doors to keep the flies and mosquitoes out. These can never stay closed, or else they get torn through, first with their nails then their noses. I have now a big gaping hole in the wire mesh door in the breakfast room. This is now used as fair passage by both cats and dogs. I don’t think I’ll fix it.
A few weeks back I had the presence of mind to take out all the carpets. Now I am grateful after seeing what they did to the mat I had put under their water bowls. Also the state of my shower mat leaves a lot to be desired.


I can forgive all that if only they would let me sleep in a bit in the morning. But it seems they have an agreement with the cats that they take over the moment the cats go to sleep. This morning it was my reading glasses, tomorrow who knows, they might drag me out of bed by pulling at my nightgown! Perish the thought, I hope they never think of that.
Otherwise, when they are not driving me crazy or exhausting me picking after them, I love them dearly, that is, when I have the energy. I keep dreaming of the day they become mature and reasonable, when I could have a decent night’s sleep and wake up at my leisure, and have a clean, ordered, well maintained house. Heaven!
3 July 2014