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At the end of the year the tendency is to think of all one wanted to do that past year and to make resolutions for the New Year. All the things one wants to accomplish that coming year somehow crystallize into a set of resolutions. Those over confident people announce their resolutions to the whole world, confident that they will accomplish all. Others just make those resolutions to themselves and hope for the best.

A new year, a new life, a new start. What an illusion. A very artificial cut off date and an even more artificial beginning; it is a total take-in, for it is just another day and the continuation of our life. What is it in human nature that has this need to wipe the slate clean and start fresh? Could we ever really start fresh? Then what have we done with all past experiences, feelings? What happened to our old selves? Are all those discarded and we start new? Scary thought.

If we start completely new we are liable to repeat our mistakes, go through the same heartaches and in general behave exactly like we did the year before. So we must carry some things with us into that fresh start. We keep the experience; we even keep the pain along with the joy. All we can really hope for is a slight amount of wisdom added to the previous years to help us cope better with this New Year.

How many resolutions have been repeated over and over again? I’ll stop smoking, I’ll lose those extra pounds, I’ll learn to play that instrument, I’ll make my fortune, I’ll write that book, I’ll get that job, I’ll be happy. And how many of those have been actually accomplished? Why do we always think of being happy as depending on certain conditions? If I get this job I’ll be happy, if I marry this man/woman I’ll be happy, if I have children I’ll be happy, if I earn that much I’ll be happy, if I achieve my goal I’ll be happy.

What if you don’t? What happens then? We leave ourselves open to the whims of fortune, whereas our happiness should be totally within our control. Our resolutions are put all in the wrong frame of mind. Have you ever heard of a resolution of enjoying the journey towards accomplishing your goal? Of being happy now, instead of waiting for another point in time or space and for certain circumstances to have the right conditions for happiness?

Unfortunately it usually takes a lifetime to realize you can only be happy now. And that happiness depends mainly on you, as you are the lone arbiter of your thoughts and feelings. Once this concept is grasped and fully appreciated, life becomes so simple. You unburden yourself of your past and shed the worry about the future. You live for the right now. That is the only reality.

The older one gets the wiser one is supposed to be, but unfortunately there are some who dig themselves so deeply into a groove that it is impossible for them to break the mold and set themselves free. Some have lived all their lives being careful about money, but when they reach the state where they can afford everything, they cannot break the habit of thrift. It had become second nature to them.

It is much worse when you have lived all your life restricted within the imposed restricting norms of a certain society, but when you reach the age that these no longer apply you still cannot break free.

My New Year resolution is to break through my mold, to break free and live fully. My resolution is to deliberately enjoy life, appreciate our God-given beauty of nature. My resolution is to refuse to be pulled down, to hate or become angry. My resolution is to love to the fullest, to laugh till it hurts, to sing when I want to, to dance if I can. My resolution is to try to make others lives happier, to try to alleviate mental, emotional and physical pain of others. My resolution is to try to help others get free and enjoy their own lives.

These resolutions are not things that I will start implementing on January 1st, 2015, these resolutions have been forming and developing and ongoing for some time now, some consciously and others sub-consciously. These resolutions are now my way of life, for they were resolutions that were silently made and quietly implemented over the years. These resolutions are the culmination of a lifetime of experience.

So I wish you all not just a happy new year, but a happy continuation of your life, may you be on the right path for you, and may you enjoy the path as much as the destination.


28 Dec. 2014