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There come some times in one’s life where everyday life becomes overwhelming. When this happens, all thought is concentrated on the problem or problems currently being faced. All life revolves around one axis and everything else fades into the periphery.

For the past few months my life has been a whirlwind of activities and concerns. I have entered a wholly new world to me that of the law: litigation, court cases, police reports, lawyer, powers of attorney, all sorts of legal terms and procedures.  It really is a world onto its own. How could lawyers remember all that? They keep shouting precedents and citing previous cases till my head spins. But the most interesting aspect of the law, in my view, is how you could spin a situation in such a way as to get whatever outcome you aim for, even those outcomes that might be totally opposing. Things could go either left or right, depending on how good your lawyer is, and either one would be legal. To a layman that is as near a miracle as I could think of.

In the midst of all the whirlwind of cases, lawyer conferences, and meetings with all the litigators, as well as the forever changing circumstances surrounding these cases, I found myself engulfed in paperwork, telephone calls and many important decisions. I lost myself in the torrential flow of events.

Suddenly a saw a beautiful picture of a glorious sunset! My whole whirling life came to a complete stop. The noise receded. The urgency fell away. The tension seeped out, leaving me deeply shaken by the breathtaking beauty before me.

What happened? Why did I lose sight of this redeeming beauty? Why did I bury myself in all the tension, urgency, and decision-making? How could I let myself drift so far away from my core which holds me steady and which keeps me balanced? This very core is what helps me to make the right decisions. How could I have forgotten?

I was deeply shaken, then found myself automatically starting to go through the most beautiful pictures I had taken over the last few months. With every picture a sense of peace and beauty began filtering through to my taut nerves, soothing them loosening them and turning my stiff body into slowly relaxing muscles. My revolving brain started to slow down, and my seemingly insurmountable problems diminished, shriveled and became a manageable size.

Beauty, like some kind of love, is really the elixir of life. For it is only through beauty that the soul grows, spreads, warms up and transcends all petty, seeming urgent demands that in truth are just fleeting moments of insanity. Beauty enriches your soul, calms your mind, lifts your spirit and finally heals your body. Beauty can be a glorious sunset, a snowflake wafting to the ground, a ray or sunlight through some leaves, the sparkle of a wave in the sunlight, the tinkle of a distant bell in the breeze, the innocent, contagious heart-warming laughter of a child, the soft smell of honeysuckle enveloping the evening, the voice of a loved one calling your name, the wagging tail of a beloved dog or the purring of your favorite kitten.

Beauty surrounds us, but we have the misfortune to lose sight of it very easily. We let ourselves drift then get engulfed by everyday life. We lose sight of the essence of this life. If we are not careful we might go through all our life without taking out those very precious moments, the only moments that really count, to savor and appreciate the beauty surrounding us, to wade into it, to have it cleanse our soul, comfort our mind and pamper our body. This forgotten beauty is probably our only salvation.


28 Jan 2015