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The past few months have been quite stressful, but I was on a high and going strong so did not feel the effects. Now that things have settled down a bit and there is a bit of a lull, the adverse effects of my prolonged stress are starting to appear.
The first symptom was insomnia. For the past ten days I have been awake more than asleep. I sleep a few hours, but now I don’t sleep at all. Then I started getting very short tempered, especially with my Terrible Trio who sleep in my room.
A couple of nights ago they were acting up so badly I had to take drastic action. It all started when Petra insisted on sleeping on my bed. This is totally NOT allowed. By the time I made it clear in no uncertain terms that she WILL get off the bed, the others, too, caught my stress and started acting up as well. Every time I got one off the bed the other two were up there. They probably thought it was a game, but I was getting angrier by the minute. I do know that they can guess my mood very easily, and whenever I become stressed, they become hyper. Still I could not control myself. I was too run down to be able to calm myself. I finally started acting crazy, waving my arms and shouting gibberish till I shooed them out of my room and closed the door.
I got into bed, trying to calm myself to enable me go to sleep. But then I heard a very strange thump. I sat up and listened. Again, the same thump. It was coming from downstairs. It was like something heavy being thrown around. I got up to investigate. When I opened the door none of the dogs were there. I knew it! They were up to no good! I followed the thumping sound and found Helen had dragged the large box where I kept their kibble, off the kitchen table and was dragging it up step by step.
Resigned I went down to take it away from her, but when I reached the door of the kitchen I saw some dark powdery substance all over the floor. Did they drag dirt in here from the garden? How? They haven’t been outside. I turned the lights on and looked closely to see a demolished a large carton of tea! Powder tea was all over the floor, and they were wallowing in it, cavorting, jumping up and down in clouds of dark tea dust.
Ok, nothing can be done now, it will have to wait till the morning. So I took their kibble box back into the kitchen, shooed them out and shut the kitchen door. But when I turned to go back up to my room all three surged in one tidal wave and reached my room and my bed before I could blink.
My beautifully made bed with clean sheets was their playground. All three dogs were now wallowing in sheets that were drowned in tea. For one heart stopping moment I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I was so angry. There goes the rest of my night. It was already around 3 in the morning, and any dreams I might have had of sleeping in my clean, comfortable bed, went out of the window.
They are very intelligent dogs and they must have seen murder in my eyes. All three jumped off the bed, scampered out of the room, but paused outside the door with questioning faces. Am I going to pursue it further or is that it? When I turned on them, they quickly scattered. Helen and Troy flew down the stairs, Petra swerved into the living room. I opted to go after the two and went all the way to the house door, opened it and out they flew into the front garden. I closed the door and went back upstairs to deal with Petra. The moment she saw me coming she fled to the balcony. I followed and locked her out.
I could never have done all that if the weather was not very mild. Ok, now they can all sleep out in the open air and leave me in peace.
I got back to my mangled sheets covered with tea, tried my best to clean and straighten them as best I could, then tried to settle for the remainder of the night. I think I must have dosed off a bit, but I was worried about them, especially Petra who sounded like she was munching the mosquito screen. Never mind, a good nights sleep is worth whatever damage they cause.
In the end I did not get a good night’s sleep. I was worried about them and kept getting up to check on them. When I did finally sleep it was around six in the morning after the gardeners woke up and took care of them.
The next morning I finally had to admit that I cannot continue this way and had to reluctantly accept the fact that the Terrible Trio need to sleep outside. They are so active and are such big dogs that they can easily trample me. Whenever Troy or Petra step on my foot I get a bruise. So now they will be joining Caesar, Max and Millie in the garden and can play games to their hearts’ content.
I have now slept well for two nights in a row, but miss my babies drastically. Yet now it is a question of survival as I was starting to get really over tired and over stressed and my health was starting to get affected. I hope we all can get used to the new situation without too much heartbreak.
28 June /015