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After my final decision to have all the big dogs sleeping out so I can recover both my health and my peace of mind, I have now spent a couple of days and nights semi dog-less.
I miss them very much, but on the positive side I have slept very well for a couple of nights and those aches and pains, especially the chest ones, are no longer a daily reminder of my stress and exhaustion.
I have now devised a system by which I can have my dogs in small doses. At least until I am fully recovered and can cope with them again.
So now I am turning to nature to help in my recovery. I fully believe in the therapeutic power of nature. As much as is possible I avoid medicines and try to use whatever is provided by nature. But most of all, the beauty of nature has always been a source of great healing, especially when I am either grieving or worried.
With all the problems I have been going through at the compound where I live, with all the added responsibilities of being one of those entrusted with the legal fight on our hands to try to get back our contractual rights, my stress level has shot through the roof. This is one of the reasons I could not cope with the shenanigans of the dogs. But now that I have sorted out that problem, and now with the advent of Ramadan, things are starting to slow down and I can take a breather.
For me to be able to do that, I had to ensure that all practical necessities were available. So I went shopping, got everything that the house, my staff and my pets needed, and began preparing myself for an evening of relaxation where nature can work it’s therapeutic miracle.
This being Ramadan, people break their fast around sundown. This is the most beautiful part of the day. The quiet that settles on my world then, is heavenly. My sanctuary is my balcony.
So just a few minutes before sundown I went out on the balcony, and looked at my beautiful garden, in full bloom, with all the colors enhanced by the fascinating hues of the setting sun. With every passing minute, with such beauty before my eyes, with such palpable, warm quiet, with a refreshingly cool breeze, I started to relax and felt my tension draining away. A weight was lifted off my shoulders. My muscles started to relax, my brain could see only beauty, my senses felt only the calming effect of this moment of silent joy.
I sat down in the semi darkness, floating in a mood of trance-like satisfaction, in a state of relaxation verging on sleep. Even the buzzing sound of a mosquito did not disturb me. A few minutes later, the sting of a mosquito on my foot was slightly annoying, but I did not let it spoil that beautiful mood I had finally reached.
After a few more minutes, a persistently hungry mosquito was definitely trying to spoil my mood, but though I tried to hold on to my relaxation I found that I was now doing it deliberately and with determined will, which somehow defeats the purpose. I said I would give myself another few minutes, maybe the mosquitoes would have their fill and leave me alone. When I finally felt that they were done, and deliberately relaxed my muscles again, the frogs started! That was it! Nature’s therapeutic powers had conspired against me, and when a large moth hit my chest, I gathered my tattered nerves and went back into the air conditioned room to watch TV or listen to some soft music, close my eyes and try to imagine a beautiful view of the sea at sunset.
So much for the therapeutic powers of nature.
28 June 2015