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The world of witches and warlocks, of pixies, vampires, shifters and fairies might be deemed to be that of the imagination, but magic is all around us if we could only see.
It takes someone with clear sight, with minimal ego and with a pure soul to see and appreciate human magic. Each person has his/her own magic, and it is sometimes so well hidden as to take either someone very close to see it, or someone very strongly transparent to sense it. In some cases human magic is so strong that the impact is widespread and far reaching.
Human magic on a small scale is the ability of one human being to touch the soul, the spirit, the imagination of another human being. It is the sharing of a thought, the appreciation of a joke, the shared compassion, or even anger. It is a fleeting second where two people meet and become one through one feeling.
The stronger this magic the more widespread it is. There is the person who could talk you into doing anything he/she wants, the person whose jokes leave you weak with laughter, the musician, poet or singer who could reduce you to tears.
Human magic is talent. Humans are talented in so many ways, that it is practically impossible to count them all. But there are some very obvious talents that can be noted.
One such talent, which is pure magic, is kindness. For despite what most religions say, human beings are not mostly kind. Human beings are either too egotistical to notice the need for kindness, too confrontational, or too lacking in empathy. Kindness needs a shedding of one’s self, an ability to become one with your subject, and a willingness to extend part of your being to another who needs the warmth and love that kindness is. This is pure human magic at its best, and at its smallest scale. Kindness, in this sense, can only be given on a one-on-one basis.
Another talent, one that could be more widespread, is the human magic of an imagination. It is human imagination that is the basis of all human advancement and evolvement. The imagination of those writers of science fiction is what pushed the envelope for scientists. The imagination of those dazzled lovers is what created those romantic poets. The dark imagination of those angry, unhappy human beings is what created horror and torture.
Human magic has both sides, the light and the dark.
Artists are talented human beings with magic at their fingertips. They could write up a storm, break your heart with a poem or a tune, fire your imagination with a picture or whip a crowd into frenzied action with a speech. Their magic is controlled, channeled and used very deliberately towards a known end. Theirs is one of the most effective magics belonging to humans. This magic is used to influence others in large numbers to do the bidding of the artist, whether they, the audience, do it consciously or unconsciously.
This brings us to yet another human talent, or human magic- madness. It is this quirk of thought, this hitch in logic, this contradiction that transports the person undergoing such magic into a world all his/her own. Like other types of human magic, this too has its light and its dark side. But still, in all, it is human magic.
We do not need a world full of witches, warlocks, pixies, vampires, shifters or fairies, we have enough magic in our own world of human beings, if we could only just look deeply enough.
29 August 2015