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Worry, fear and depression are the prevailing feelings when I watch what is happening in my part of the world. Egypt seems to be in the vortex of the coming conflagration. We are a peace loving people, we enjoy life, we love to sing, dance, eat and laugh. We love life, children, God and country. Despite strained resources yet joie-de-vivre is still very strong. What is currently happening in the Middle East and the escalation of tension as well as the beginning of skirmishes is causing all Egyptians to feel that we are heading into some really dark times.
We worry about an outbreak of an out-and-out war in our region. The Russians and Chinese now have a palpable presence, while several countries who are part of NATO are now becoming more active and belligerent here as well.
Just this morning the Turks have downed a Russian fighting plane, and a few minutes ago they have also downed a Russian helicopter. What will be Russia’s response? Are these the initial volleys of WWIII? Has it already started?
The fear is that we have been going through so many upheavals which have been gradually unfolding as being the result of outside interference by foreign powers that want a New World Order. Our fear now is that because their initial attempts at changing the map of the Middle East has fallen through where Egypt is concerned, then the second step is to involve us in a war. This was tried a few months back when the Yemen problem surfaced. Thank God for a wise and alert leader in President Al Sisi who saved Egypt from putting troops on the ground there and from getting sucked into that quagmire.
We already have a fight on our hands with the terrorists imported by Morsi into Sinai. Added to that is the second front of Libya, and now in the south the Sudan is starting problems concerning Halayeb and Shalateen. We are surrounded by enemies, and the West is starting another kind of attack by imposing some type of embargo on cargo flights from Egypt. All the threads are now getting tangled to the extent that there will come a time when the only alternative to the knot would be to cut through it.
All these events, circumstances and resulting actions and consequences are causing unlimited worry. The near future is looking bleak and the clouds of war with all its horror, destruction and pain, are coming nearer by the minute.
Most Egyptians love Egypt. The exceptions are those fanatics who have loyalty only to their own cult. Internally, socially and otherwise, they have been defeated by the total rejection of the people. They are still active, in small groups, as they are still being encouraged, supported and financed by those wishing to change Egypt to their view of what it should be according to the New World Order. But if war breaks, and this time it looks like it will be one that will involve the whole world, then the majority of Egyptians will rise to the challenge, if need be they will all take up arms to defend their beloved Egypt.
We now have a President whom we love and trust, a man who has already proven his mettle both in war and peace and who has saved Egyptians from the cancer of the Muslim Brotherhood. Each and every Egyptian who loves his/her country will be there on the frontline giving their lives for Egypt.
The dark clouds of war are gathering, the vultures are circling, the dirge bells are tolling, but these only increase our determination to stand as one man in the defence of our beloved Egypt, our way of life, our history and our future. The storm is very near and the thunder is rumbling close, lightning is about to strike and we are ready for the worst.
God bless Egypt and its people, God protect us and support our leaders to make the right decisions, God help the leaders of the world to come to their senses and step back from the brink of what could be the end of the world as we know it. God help us all.
24 November 2015