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The role played by the media in any given situation could be very effective. The media, ever since Gobbles has been used as a very important and influential weapon in any war. Since then it has become a science. It has become refined and several fields including human psychology, group behaviour and mob mentality have gone into the manipulation used by the media in unscrupulous hands.
Western media is controlled by a few big businesses that wield this weapon with deadly assurance. They know exactly what to release and when for the maximum effect needed to “persuade” the unsuspecting public to do what they want.
The biggest lie of all is the accusation, by the media, of anyone who exposes them for what they are, of being a conspiracy theorist. Mainstream media has labelled conspiracy theories and their proponents as laughable dreamers, if not worse, and this was their way of combatting the growing effect of those who could see through their machinations and try to expose them.
Social media outlets have managed to bring together all like-minded people and to spread information at such a rate and to so many places in the world that they are now becoming virtually an alternate to mainstream media. Whatever is announced by mainstream media is now being thoroughly examined, analysed and verified before either accepting or rejecting it.
The current state of affairs in the Middle East is an example. For the past couple of years mainstream media has been drilling into the world’s brain that Daesh is a fanatical Islamic group of terrorists who are a danger to the world. Exposing this fallacy has been very gradual, and without social media it would have never happened. The atrocities perpetrated by this group were so horrifying as to shock people into a state of thought paralysis.
I remember exactly when I started getting suspicious of Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) being what it was made out to be. It was when I saw that horrifying clip of the group beheading of 21 Christian Egyptians by “Daesh” on a beach in Libya. After the initial shock at the barbarity of the act, after the horror subsided a bit, the clip itself made me stop and think.
Everything seemed beautifully choreographed. The “terrorists” wore clean, well pressed uniforms, held exactly the same type of daggers, were even of similar build and height. The uniforms of the prisoners were all clean and pressed. They filed out in a uniform column and made to kneel all looking to the same direction with the sea as a backdrop. The shots taken of the whole procedure were from two different angles, one straight and the other moving from above as though on a crane. A crane holding a camera? At a beheading by “terrorists”? The lighting was excellent, no shadows to mar the clarity of the horror. Then the straw that broke the camel’s back and unraveled the whole setup for me was the final shot of the blood in the water of the sea. It was beautifully artistic and so, so unnatural it got me thinking about who was behind that beautifully directed clip.
From then on I started examining everything that was said about Daesh, by whom and why. The main emphasis was on their being ISLAMIC TERRORISTS their atrocities were covered in detail and shown repeatedly. Their demolition of the civilisation, antiquities and culture of such a rich country like Iraq was systematic and very thorough. Their reverting to barbaric old customs of slavery and human trafficking was greatly advertised. But the piece de resistance was their child abuse. In other words they were now becoming the devil incarnate in the mind of most of the people of the world.
Their sudden growth to power, their ability to spread their “philosophy” to recruit people from all walks of life and in different countries, their sudden increased finances that enabled them to acquire fleets of brand new latest model Toyota trucks, and their sudden surge in strength, munitions and logistic information and tactical abilities that enabled them sweep from Iraq into Syria were all very suspicious.
What the official announcements by western governments were saying and what was actually happening on the ground were two totally different things and could not be logically reconciled. It was a conspiracy of such mammoth proportions as to make it inconceivable.
Yet it was true.
The extent of the conspiracy is now unfolding. Every day a new revelation, with proof, comes to light. Daesh has been bolstered, financed, trained and assisted by up to 40 countries, many of which are members of NATO, and some Arabs. The details are now coming to light. Iraqi and Syrian oil stolen by Daesh is being sold to Turkey and Israel. This has been documented by satellite imagery by the Russians and announced to the world at large, with documented proof.
The domino effect has started and the whole conspiracy is unraveling. The Soros group has been exposed as the provocateur behind the Arab Spring which was nothing other than toppling of the current ruler of a country to be replaced by the easily influenced Muslim Brotherhood. When this happened in Egypt, the plan was finally in place. Iraq was demolished, Libya became a failed state as was Yemen, and Syria was on its way. The west was sitting pretty, lamenting the loss of life by a barbaric group, but after all, they were all “Arabs” killing each other.
The game changer came with the uprising of the Egyptian people on June 30, 2013 and the support by the army which ended with the deposition of Morsi and his gang of Muslim Brotherhood and then the systematic cleaning up of Sinai of all the imported mercenaries who were used by proxy to fight the west’s war in the region.
All these facts are now becoming so crystal clear, now that Russia has come onto the scene to protect its sphere of influence in the region, Syria. The Russians with their advanced technology, their satellites, their KGB and their military power as well as economic prowess in conjunction with BRICS has now managed to take center stage in world affairs. It has exposed not only the flagrant involvement of Turkey in helping Daesh market the stolen oil of Iraq and Syria, but also exposed the much deeper conspiracy of the USA in its dealings with the Middle East, the Arab Spring and Daesh.
Mainstream media has now been exposed as the tool of a few unscrupulous businessmen who care nothing about human life, culture or civilisation, all they care about is the bottom line: money. How many people have died horrible deaths, how many people, women and children have been tortured and still are, how many families have been uprooted and turned into refugees, all just to line the pockets of a few monsters? This New World Order that they are working towards implementing will subjugate most of the world’s population to the benefit of just a few. The whole world under one government and run by a chosen few. Slavery at its worst.
The only thing that could save the world from such a fate is if people everywhere became aware of what is being planned for them. But now there is the alternate media of Facebook and Twitter that could expose them for what they are. This can only happen if people are aware and vigilant and examine every piece of news carefully, and think about it without the emotional pressure exerted to persuade them towards a certain behaviour.
The role played by mainstream media is lethal, and until we are all made aware of that we shall remain vulnerable to all types of manipulation by a few unscrupulous people.
3 December 2015