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I know that most of my family and friends will think that I have gone overboard, but once you all understand the circumstances I think you will agree with my decision.
Around a week ago, while browsing through Facebook I came on a post, which in general I would have passed rather quickly, as most of the posts on this site are very painful to me and frustrate me a great deal as I cannot do much to alleviate the pain there. But this particular post caught my eye and I just could not skip it. I saw a picture of Helen, one of my beloved Golden Retrievers. I had to go back and look properly, then read about that dog. And hence came my downfall.

The story of that dog broke my heart into a thousand little pieces. This dog who is three years old, which would mean a twenty one year old human, but who does not have the capabilities of a 21 year old human of fending for himself as he was never taught that, was suddenly, and without rhyme or reason, thrown out of his home. He could not understand that. So he kept going back to his humans, though to my way of thinking they are more monsters than human, trying to get back home to the only place he knows and the only people he knows and loves. He was repeatedly turned away and thrown out on the street to fend for himself.
Not only that, it turned out that another dog, this time a four year old, who was living with him at that house as well, was also turned out into the streets to fend for herself. These two poor lost souls were helplessly buffeted by ill fortune until they were rescued by some kindly people who delivered them to a shelter.
ESMA, the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals took them in, fed them, gave them a medical exam and gave them shelter along with hundreds of other animals. But those two had their hearts broken by being abandoned by the only family they know. They are depressed and stick together for comfort and a sense of security in a very strange world.

This time I could not shut my eyes and turn away. This time I had to do something for those poor creatures who, through the cruelty and irresponsibility of some who think of themselves as human, have deeply hurt two beautiful, loving beings who give their love unconditionally and who would literally die for you.
Friday I am going to the shelter to see them in person, and if all goes well, if we bond and they feel comfortable with me and can trust me, I shall be taking them back with me, adopting them as my new furry babies and carefully introducing them to their new siblings and their new home.
I know, most people would look on the practical side and see two more dogs along with 6 already there and shake their heads in despair. But that would be wrong. More than the 6 I already have, these two need me. Four of my six were born in homes where they were taken very good care of then came to me as two month old puppies and have grown in my home as my babies.


Two of the six came to me in a round about way. Cookie was fully grown, left by her humans who were leaving Egypt and did not want to take her with them. They gave her to someone who had absolutely no idea how to treat dogs, and this beautiful little white griffon was tethered by a rope round her neck to a stake in a nursery, kept there day and night, till some kind hearted person saw her, rescued her and finally gave her to me for adoption. She has been with me for years now and has fully recovered from the cruelty of her original humans who abandoned her.

My other baby who also did not come straight to me was Petra who was abandoned by her original humans when at the age of three months they saw that she was getting too big. She was returned to someone who did not want her and kept her at a distance and left her to the mercies of her domestic staff. That lady asked if I would like to take her or she could give her to a member of her domestic staff. Of course I took her, especially as she was from the same litter as Helen and Troy. But Petra took a few months to regain her confidence. At first she would never leave my side when I opened the door to the garden fearing that I wanted to get rid of her. But in time she finally felt confident enough to go out in the garden, though to this day she is still very submissive and scared. I am hoping that in time this will change.

So if things work out with those two new additions I shall be coming home on Friday with two new siblings to my babies. They are a male and a female, the Golden Retriever I shall call Prince and the German Shepherd mix I shall call Queeny, for those two deserve to be treated like royalty after what they have endured.
If things go well and they come back with me on Friday, I shall be letting you know the details.
8 December 2015