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An incident took place at the end of 2015 in Egypt which shows how clueless the government is about repercussions abroad to such incidents, and how they can affect the whole country.
This incident is the dog and cat massacres that took place in Alexandria and elsewhere.


Although there are numerous shelters all over Egypt, as well as a government sponsored Organisation for Mercy to Animals, yet the barbaric practice of shooting or poisoning stray cats and dogs still remains.
I am calling the government, be it the responsible Ministers, or even the Prime Minister, as well as all municipal authorities clueless because they cannot see beyond this atrocity except that it rids them of a problem. They do not see that it has caused them an even worse problem and one on a far larger scale, one that will have a long term negative economic effect.
The brutal way in which those pathetic stray dogs were shot in cold blood on the streets of Alexandria and their bodies left to be given a decent burial by those kind hearted people of the area who had befriended them and used to feed them, has shocked not only Egyptians, but animal lovers the world over.


The reaction within Egypt has been very strong, loud and clear, both on social media as well as the regular media.


The gauntlet was picked by those who care about animals and a concerted effort is now underway to try to erase this very black spot on Egypt’s image.
The reaction abroad has been just as strong, but far more lethal. The impression this atrocity leaves is that of a brutal, inhumane people who slaughter those pathetic God’s creatures in cold blood on the streets of their cities. This is such a negative picture that some reactions, bordering on boycotting travel to Egypt, are now taking shape. This has potential of snowballing into a really serious economic problem for Egypt.
In trying to get to the bottom of how this whole thing came about, certain facts surfaced which are very puzzling.
Initially it was thought that the newly appointed Governor had given the order “to clean up the streets”. But later it was found out that he had not even started on the job when this brutal crime was committed, for which he is still morally responsible.
Following the chain of command, and in tracing the uniform worn by the perpetrator, it appears that there is one municipal authority that could be responsible: the Equestrian Police or Veterinary Services.


The former can act upon the request or complaint by an ordinary citizen or through a direct order from Veterinary Services. The culprit, as per his uniform is from the Equestrian Police. Despite a moratorium on the use of pellet bullets since 2011, this man was armed with a pellet gun and bullets.

As both the Governor and the Head of Veterinary Services have denied giving the orders which resulted in the massacre, so the Head of the Equestrian Police must be questioned to see if such an attack was sanctioned, or if this was a rogue member who acted on his own.
Denials are everywhere, but the facts remain that a uniformed man, carrying a pellet gun with bullets murdered a large number of stray dogs, in cold blood on the streets of Alexandria. Justice is demanded, and the culprit or culprits must be punished.
This incident, as horrifying and heart-breaking as it is, has resulted in raising awareness of an exponentially growing problem. Stray cats and dogs on the streets of major cities in Egypt are fed haphazardly by kind-hearted individuals. This is no solution.
A group of like-minded people are coming together to start a concerted effort on many fronts to find and implement humane solutions. This group wants to enlist as many seriously involved people in animal welfare to push this problem into the limelight, to raise public awareness and to bring this problem to the attention of those who can properly legislate a fair and humane solution.
As seen from the above incident very negative publicity can cost the whole country dearly. So if humane behaviour is not a consideration, then hard common sense should prevail. The legal part of this group will be taking up the possibility of passing new laws for the protection of these pathetic creatures, while others will be responsible in educating the general public as well as informing them of what is needed.
This devastating cloud with its brutality has resulted in a silver lining of hope for a better future for animals in Egypt.
1 January 2016