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Terrorism is the bane of our time. In Egypt we have been getting a rather heavy dose of that over the past few years. Yet we always say in Egypt that God is very prevalent. Despite the fact that there are still too many casualties, yet there are certain incidents that clearly demonstrate that there still is karma.
One of those is when terrorists during last Ramadan planned to demolish a police station at the time of Iftar when all the policemen and their officers would be breaking their fast. This would ensure very little resistance and a large number of casualties. This also meant that they had to time it very carefully.
On the day the attack was planned all was going very well till they reached that suburb where the target police station was. It is a very crowded area of lower middle class residents. Traffic is very bad in some of the streets there and what are called service cars – small coaches rumoured to be driven by donkey drivers who never learned how to drive a car because it was the donkey who did all the steering – went through traffic at alarmingly crazy speeds to try to collect as many passengers as possible. To curb such enthusiastic driving municipal authorities stared laying in speed bumps in all the main streets. The more the drivers sped, the more and higher bumps were erected.
When the terrorists, loaded with machine guns and explosives, arrived at this most congested area, their car was hit by one of those service cars. It was just a fender blender which is more the norm than the exception on those streets. Usually people take these slight collisions in stride as they are so common. But our terrorists would not let it go, got out of the car and had a shouting match with the service coach’s driver. It was nearing Iftar time and people intervened saying to let it go so that no one misses their Iftar. The terrorists suddenly remembered their mission, jumped back into their car and started to drive at an insane speed trying to make up for the time wasted. Their mission’s success hung by a thread. They had to get there on time. They were going at an insane speed when out of the blue they met one of those inordinately high speed bumps. The driver could not break in time, they hit it head on and the car flew up in the air and on landing the explosives detonated and all three and their car blew up. Karma.
Of course the media was quick to cover this bizarre incident. A pretty TV presenter was with her crew filming the scene after the fact and she started asking some of the people crowding around her about what they saw of the incident and if they were sure that all three people in the car had died. They all nodded and vociferously claimed that they had proof. She asked them what was that proof, assuming that someone had filmed the whole thing, when to her horror they started opening plastic bags they were carrying and showed her body parts that they had collected from all over the scene. The woman fainted on live television.
5 January 2016