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Today Max and Millie are getting neutered and spayed.

The decision had been taken a long time ago that this was the best way to go, both for their own health and to avoid the heartbreak of giving away any puppies that result from their
I was supposed to be with them today, but I am fighting a flu and if I go I am liable to succumb to it, as I would be spending hours on an open horse farm waiting for the doctors to be done. Yet I am feeling very guilty not being there.
This morning I helped prepare the car that will be taking them there and bringing them back. We set it up so that both can lie down comfortably in the back seat, while one of the gardeners is sitting with them.

The day started with very heavy fog, but slowly started dissipating as the sun strengthened, so their appointment had to be set back around 45 minutes to wait for clear weather. I had called their vet and asked him to keep me posted and he promised to call me after Max was neutered to tell me how it went, then after Millie was spayed, also to assure me that all was well. It was going to be a very long day today.

Though the doctor had promised to call me after Max’s operation was done, he did not. By 2.30 I was worried sick. I called my boys and they told me Max was ok having been operated on and was now waking up, and Millie was on the table. I understood that the doctor had not had a chance to call. But still I worried.
At 3.45 my boys called to say that Millie was out and was now sleeping. A few minutes later the doctor called me and gave me a full report. They both came through very well and now it’s just the recovery from the surgery.
An hour later they were all back. Max was helped out of the car but was on his feet, Slightly groggy but able to walk around. Millie tried to walk, but was so groggy they had to carry her upstairs.

I have set them both up in my room, with old beds with blankets and now they are both sleeping peacefully. Max drank some water before going to sleep, but Millie is still mostly sleeping, though she did get up, turned over and went back to sleep again.

This evening I shall be giving them their shots, and will be following the doctor’s instructions till the stitches are finally out in around 10 days.
It has been a very difficult day, but thank God it has ended well. My two beautiful babies are back in my arms and, God willing, will recover fully and live a long and healthy life.
13 January 2016