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الكلاب مثل الأطفال تحس بالامان حين تجد التوجيه فهذا يعطيها الإحساس بالاهتمام. ويجب ان يكون التوجيه بأسلوب حازم بدون عنف او صوت عالي. ويستحسن يكون بنفس الكلمة ونفس حركه اليد حتي يدرك الكلب ما تعنيه وماذا تريد منه ان يفعل.


ويجب التدريب باستمرار لكي لا ينسي الكلب. الوضوح الكامل فيما تريده من الكلب والالتزام الدقيق لنفس الطريق هي اسلم اُسلوب في توصيل المعلومة للكلب. هو لا يتكلم لغتك ولا يفهم حركاتك الا لو قرنتها في ذهنه بما تريد منه ان يفهمه.
اذا عمل حاجه غلط لازم يعرف بنبرة الصوت والنظرة انك مستاء مما فعل. وكل مره يفعلها يبقي نفس نبره الصوت ونفس النظره. بعد عدة مرات سيفهم وممكن تطبق هذه علي كل شيء غلط هو بيعمله. واهم حاجه ان كل مره يعمل حاجه غلط يلفت نظره لان لو مره عمل الغلط دون لفت النظر سيرتبك الكلب ولن يفهم هل هذا غلط ام لا.

وكل مره يعمل حاجه صح يعطي اما شيء هو بيحب ياكله او اطراء وطبطبه خفيفه. هذا التعويض يثبت في ذهنه انه عمل شيء انت راضي عنه وبما ان مراد حياته هو إرضاءك فتثبت في ذهنه بسهوله.
اهم شيء في تدريب الكلاب هو الصبر والإعادة والالتزام بنفس الأسلوب.



Do you know? What are your commitments when adopting a dog? -3
Dogs are like children, they feel secure when they are disciplined as this gives them a feeling that they are cared for. Discipline should be done seriously but without violence or shouting. It is preferable that you use the same word and the same hand gesture until the dog understands what you mean and what you want him to do.


Training should be continuous so that the dog does not forget. Being very clear about what you want from the dog and sticking closely to the same system is the best way to get through to the him. He does not understand your language nor does he understand your gestures unless you link them in his mind with what you want him to understand.
If he does something wrong you have to convey to him through your tone of voice and by a look that you are unhappy with what he has done. Every time he makes a mistake you have to use the same tone and same look. After numerous times he will understand. This can also be applied to different mistakes that he commits. It is very important that every time he makes a mistake he is disciplined, because if you let it go the dog will become confused and not know if he did do something wrong or not.

Also every time he does something right he is either given a treat or is petted briefly. These rewards make him remember that he has done something to please you and as his ultimate ambition is to please you, he will remember.
The most important thing in training dogs is patience, repetition and sticking strictly to the same system.