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Sometimes weeks go by with not a ripple. But in the last 24 hours so much has happened I feel like it has been weeks.
Though the day started slow, it began to pick up soon after and by the end of the day I could barely catch my breath feeling everything skidding out of control.
My morning walk went well where my walking buddies and I decided that I should let the rest of our group know that our friend was in hospital and not doing well.
After the walk I had my shower, was having breakfast when I got two calls from acquaintances who complimented me on my series of articles about dogs. Very gratifying.
I wrote about our friend’s hospitalisation and asked for prayers for her. Practically immediately after that I was drowned in calls, all wanting to know what was going on, needing assurances and each trying to shore up the other. In such circumstances old worries and griefs are raked up and the ripple effect is far reaching.
Then one of the gardeners told me we had a pipe leaking at the pond so I had to call the pool architect for a long overdue maintenance visit. Just as I hung up I received a message about a dog being abused at the other end in town which needed rescuing. So I sent out messages asking for help from all those I know in the animal rescue business.
Then a message came through that my lifelong friend had just become a grandmother to a lovely baby girl. Her daughter had just given birth and mom and baby we’re doing well. Lovely news on a rather stressful day.
I started working on my coming articles when another message pinged on facebook’s messenger. Our hospitalised friend had just passed away. Shock! Yes we did know she was very sick, yet when it happens it is still a shock.
More telephone calls, more tears, more commiserations, more friend helping friend at a difficult time. My niggling headache started getting more persistent.
I tried to go back to writing but could not concentrate, so preferred to go back to the novel I was reading. It did not help.
I got another call from another friend but this time about being systematically robbed by her maid of eleven years, the final confrontation and the subsequent sacking of said maid. It was a much needed commercial break in the rather tragic events of the day. But that did not last long.
A friend in animal rescue came on Facebook messenger to tell us that she just buried her third cat this week and she was devastated. Heartbreak. Another round of commiseration, another hour of grief for wasted lives. The day was worse by the minute.
Then the news came that the tortured dog report was not accurate, that the dog was being trained by its owner with no beatings or torture involved. We had to be satisfied with this report.
Finally ca e the news about a much beloved cousin who had been trying for years to have a child giving birth to a healthy boy. God bless the new little addition to the family.
What a roller coaster of a day, full of ups and downs, grief and joy, contentment and heartbreak, the ending of lives and the beginning of others.
Tomorrow is another day.
10 February 2016