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Living in a country where the weather is consistently, boringly good most of the time, so good you don’t even think of checking the weather forecast ever, it has come as a shock, lately, that this is no longer the case.
My personal theory is that the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami of a few years back has knocked the world’s axis 10 degrees off centre and has played havoc with the world’s traditional weather patterns. My only proof is the kind of weather we are now getting in Egypt.
Over the past few years winters had become more severe with never-seen-before snow falling on Cairo, while summers have turned scorchingly hot, much more than previous years.
What has surprised me though, were the mood swings that have accompanied these weather changes. Previously I never attributed my mood to the weather. The weather was consistently good and very, very predictable. This did not automatically mean that my mood was always good. My bad moods usually had their root in other causes than the weather. I do remember though, the first time I visited London a few years back, was in November, and I was depressed no end when the street lights had to be turned on at 3 in the afternoon!
It might be a question of age, but I find that my moods are definitely affected by the changing weather. We are now supposedly going through spring. Our spring had always been plagued by those dust laden hot winds coming from the east, originating usually in Saudi Arabia and sweeping through our western desert, covering our roads, houses, gardens and streets with fine dust and often a lot of sand. These Khamaseen lasted, as their name indicates, around fifty days. We always thought of our real spring as being in October and November, when the weather turned gorgeous and the flowers and trees bloomed, what anywhere else would be called an Indian summer. This year started off with winter lingering on, and on and on. But suddenly, as though remembering, the weather changed. In February. We got a heat wave. In February. Amazing! Then the weather turned slightly cooler again, but very unstable. We started getting four-season days, a spectrum of all kinds of weather, all crowded in one day.
This had never been the case before and many people started remarking that this freakish weather was very alien to our part of the world. But even more freakish was the people’s mood swings.
While the weather turned close, muggy and often very hot and hazy, moods were subdued and depressed. Once the weather started changing either into hot winds or a drastic temperature drop, or even a bit of rain, people started getting restless. But when the skies cleared, the sun came out and Egypt’s usual gorgeous weather came back, all became well with the world and the mood of contentment returned.
Being a Gemini, mood swings are nothing new to me, but that my moods should be affected by the weather as well, is getting to be a bit too much!
27 April 2016