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Yesterday something really strange happened to me.
I am a very practical person. I am totally grounded. My imagination is sort of cartoonish as I tend to see the funny side of things more than anything else.
My usual relaxing place at home is on a lazy-boy in the upstairs living room, where I face the door and the TV and with my back to the ceiling-to-floor window overlooking the terrace. This window faces north-west and therefore has the sun coming through in the afternoon.

Yesterday I was invited out to an annual Iftar at the house of a dear friend at the other end of town. Since it is a good two hours’ drive, I decided to leave with enough time to get there and was planning my day accordingly. Very mundane, practical plans.
Most of the day I had spent reading. I was finishing up a novel that was more a pacifier than riveting, and kept dipping into Facebook to follow on what was going on around in the country which has been going through some strife.
Around three in the afternoon, while the sun was more to the west than the east, I was sitting in my usual chair reading on my iPad. The bright light coming from the window behind me was often distracting so I kept moving my iPad so as not to reflect it.
Suddenly I looked at the reflected image on my iPad, not at what I was reading, and saw something that did not make sense. It looked like the silhouette of a slim person standing there behind the glass of the window. As I have many bottles of water on the table next to me I thought that was it. I turned and looked at the bottles, but nothing looked like that figure reflected on my iPad. I turned fully and looked at the glass window. Nothing. I turned back and looked at my iPad and the figure was still there in the reflection.
My heart started beating erratically and I stared at the figure for a bit. It was shadowy and all I could see was a rounded head and a slim, straight torso. It did not move. Nothing. With my heart in my throat I turned around fully to face it. Nothing. I quickly turned to my iPad but the reflection now was totally different. It was a clear, bright reflection of the glass through which I could see a bright sky and the green trees, as well as the ceiling fan and part of the balcony awning. All very normal.
I put down my iPad and closed my eyes to recall all the details of what I had seen reflected there. I know it was definitely less bright than what I had last seen on looking out of the glass. It was a dark, hazy reflection but with a very distinctive darker figure in the middle of it. I tried to recall how I felt at the time. I was definitely not frightened, I was curious. I wanted to see how a water bottle could look so much like a human figure reflected on the glassy surface of the iPad. I even instinctively turned around and looked to make sure that nobody was there. The shock came when I turned back to the iPad and the figure was still there.
I have been puzzling over this now for a full 24 hours and can find no answer to the puzzle. I am not prone to flights of fancy of that type. At the time I was mentally engaged with very disturbing internal problems in the country and feeling frustrated and rather angry. The last thing from any thoughts was the occult or the hereafter.
So what on earth, or in heaven was that?
I honestly don’t think it was my imagination, but just as honestly cannot find a logical explanation of what I very distinctly saw. Had it not been there when I looked away then looked back the second time I would have chalked it up to a quirky visual effect, but the figure was still there when I looked back at my iPad, and was there till I turned to look over my shoulder for the second time.
Although I want to believe that there is just a thin veil between our current life and the life of those who have crossed over, yet it is more as a hope than an actual belief. It is true that when I am half asleep I often think I hear my Mom’s voice, but that is more wishful thinking than anything else because I miss her so much. But actually seeing a figure? That has really shaken me up a bit.
Whoever it was, was not threatening, so I hope that was my guardian angel, sans wings, watching over me through the glass.
19 June 2016