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Last night was very difficult, Troy kept heaving though his stomach was completely empty. By 6.30 I was up and preparing his shots and the drip. Once he got the shots he climbed up on my bed and I put in the drip. I stepped into the bathroom to brush my teeth when I heard a crash. Rushing out with the toothbrush in my mouth, I found Troy cowering by the bedroom door scared of the walking stick that crashed towards him when he jumped off the bed. Now the walking stick is a threat and no longer works as a stand for the fluid bag. I now have to carry it around while he wonders till he settles down.
Around two hours later, with the fluid nearly gone, I finished brushing my teeth, quickly got dressed (no time for a shower now) and started preparing things for his first meal in nearly 20 days.
As I do not have a Bailey chair yet to sit him in and give him his food, I thought the second best thing was to keep him upright to put on his harness, tie the leash to the stairs bannister and shorten the least before hooking it up to the halter which would lift him up. Then I brought a small step ladder I have, put a cushion on the top step and had the gardener hold him with Troy’s front paws on top of the cushion.

I started feeding him with a spoon, little mouthfuls of Gerber baby food, chicken with rice. He gobbled it down eagerly, but was all the time trying to wiggle out of the gardener’s hold. I gave him half the jar, then one cup of water.

Holding him in that position for another ten minutes to ensure that the food and water slip down into his stomach was a bit hard. But I took the opportunity to do some grooming as over the past few days this had been out of the question. I washed the area where the blood had dripped from the cannula. I wiped his ears that had been soiled by some of his food when he was throwing up and generally made him feel clean and cared for.
After the ten minutes were over we unhooked him from the leash and let him down, keeping our fingers crossed. Forty five minutes later when he had still kept his food I became cautiously optimistic. So I went down to the kitchen and put some sweet potatoes in the microwave oven so they could be ready for his next meal. They are very nourishing.
My next step would be to find a carpenter to build the Bailey chair to specifications. Things are really starting to look up, even though he is still quite sick with the pneumonia, yet the fact that he kept down his food is very encouraging.
Tomorrow we are going for our checkup at the vet’s and I am hoping for some good news.