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Deif, my major domo, right hand man and driver seems to moonlight as a genius.


With Troy suffering from megaesophagus and needing a special Bailey chair where he can sit and eat and stay till the food goes down to his stomach, I have been looking around for a carpenter to make one and getting nowhere.
I finally called a friend who, with her husband, have a furniture making factory, told her about my predicament and asked for her help. She was very sympathetic and very helpful. She asked me to send her any pictures or drawings of the chair so she could show her husband and let me know if they can do it.
In the meantime Deif came over with an idea he had the previous night. He remembered my having sent some old kitchen furniture down from the coast when I had renewed the chalet. Among these was a long cupboard that he thought might do the trick. I was very excited and went down to see what he was talking about.


There stood a wooden cupboard that could, with some work, be turned into a temporary Bailey chair till a proper one can be made for him.
So Deif, Sabet the gardener and I started rummaging around for good solid wood that could be used to make a sturdy chair for Troy. We found some old shelves that yielded some good pieces of wood that could be used as the back and the door.

Deif then took the car and crossed over to a hardware store across the highway outside our compound and bought whatever he envisioned he might need to make this chair.


For padding I think we should temporarily use large, heavy towels that would hold Troy in comfortably. I asked Deif to leave space in the back for Troy’s tail, and to have a tray on top of the door to help him lean his front legs.
Finally we had a Bailey chair, not exactly to specifications, but with a lot of cushions and padding, it was workable.

For the next couple of days things were going on very well. There was a marked improvement. Troy even stopped struggling against my feeding him. I felt so good and more confident that we were on our way to recovery, that I gave in to the temptation of meeting with some friends for a couple of hours over lunch.
Coming back I was met by the news that Troy had gone behind our back, got into the plates of dry cat food and polished them off! I was shocked and elated. He felt hungry, which is a good sign, and shocked because I did not know what effect this food would have on his system. For a couple of hours nothing happened. I was really baffled! Did he digest it? What about his mega esophagus ? Then he started throwing up, the dry food coming back whole. This went on all night and halfway through the next day. As his pneumonia is aspiration caused, this heaving and throwing up could cause a relapse of the pneumonia, and in his weakened state that is no good at all. I wished to God I had never left the house.
I reported to the vet and he called me to advise no food at all for the remainder of the day, but to continue with the medication and the drips.
Another of Deif’s brainstorms was his making a stand for the drips out of three pieces of wood and several nails. This was quite sturdy and was very helpful as I could easily move it around and it was quite non threatening to Troy and he accepted it easily.

In a couple of days I should be going for another visit to the vet, but I hope by then Troy would have gained some of his health back and overcome this relapse.