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Yesterday was a very difficult day, full of ups and downs, both figuratively and literally. It was the day for our weekly vet check-up which meant long driving hours there and back. My days now start at 6.30 to enable me get everything done for Troy before leaving. I got the drip ready with all the medication added to it, I got his shots ready, and we got underway by 7 a.m. By 10.30 I was giving him his breakfast which for the first time after the cat food incident, he lapped up eagerly, all on his own. While waiting for him to get the food down, sitting in his chair, I gave him another mini drip that is mainly something for the stomach. We were ready and started on our way by 11, very good timing.
Traffic was not as bad as expected so we arrived there at the clinic at 12.45. The vet had a procedure to do for another dog and by 1.15 he started examining Troy. He weighed him and Troy had gained one kilo over the week. He took his temperature: normal. All good. He then listened to his chest and his heart.


Here he said he would like to take another X-Ray to check on the pneumonia. He did and showed me some progress. There is still some liquid there, but less than before. But what he did say was that he heard some irregularity of the heart beat and this could be caused by the pneumonia, but if by next week it is not better he would like to give him an echo. Another worry for me. He then took an X-ray to make sure that the pneumonia is under control.


He put in a new cannula and took out the old one.

He prescribed the same medication as the week before and added a couple of new ones, orally administered. These were mainly to help in reducing the inflammation because it seems that megaesophagus is associated with a certain weakness that attacks the hind legs and medication has to be taken for that, in our case, as a preventive measure.
We then started back on our home journey, stopping at the different pharmacies to get all the medication prescribed. We started back at around 2.30, were back in our area around 4 p.m. And started a round of the different pharmacies to collect the amount of medications needed to cover the full week. By around 5 p.m. We were looking for a pharmacy which carried the rest of the drips needed, when crossing the pavement I found myself flying in the air and landing on my knees then hitting the pavement with my forehead. There was a small step that I never saw. I was helped up by a couple of young girls, dusted my clothes and carried on. My knees were hard hit, I scraped my palms and slightly scraped my forehead, but I carried on. We finally found this other pharmacy and got the drips. I had called another pharmacy, much nearer to home and made sure they had the rest of the medication, in the amounts I needed and they assured me that they did.
We finally got to the last pharmacy and on checking my order found that they had only two vials out of the seven of a medication I had asked for. I was furious. Why didn’t they tell me that and I would have bought the balance elsewhere?! They promised to get it for me by the next day. What else could I do?!
We finally got home by 6.30 and the first thing I did was give Troy his dinner. He ate very well and I put in one of the oral medications which he downed easily.
I then had my own dinner and gave him a few minutes before starting his evening drip. Suddenly I heard him munching something, I shot out to him and found that he had dragged one of the plates of cat food from its new high perch and was munching away. I went crazy, shooed him away and collected the spill. I did not know how much he had eaten, but it’s a small plate so it couldn’t be that much. Then I tried to start his evening drip, it was totally blocked. No matter how many times I tried flushing it, it just would not work. After a spurt of panic, I deliberately calmed myself down then called a vet who has a clinic a couple of compounds away, told him my predicament and sent Troy to him for a new cannula.
By the time Troy came back it was after 9 p.m. And I started the drip. By 11 p.m we were done and I dragged myself to bed. It was a horrible night. Troy kept throwing up all night, and by morning I discovered that it was not just cat food but he probably got into Cookie’s food as well as there was some rice in there too.
Some very strict measures of separation have to be put in place, I simply cannot afford to have him go through another night like last night. One step forward, two steps back. This cannot go on.
Starting today the cats and Cookie will all be given their food in the breakfast room that will be closed to Troy. This is the only way I can be sure he has no access to their food.
After throwing up all night he is now exhausted, as am I, and is docilely taking his drip. I have a difficult week before me.