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Now that I have had the green light from Dr. Motaz to give him his fluids subcutaneous, I feel much better knowing that there is an alternative way of getting the fluids into Troy. After the morning session with half the bottle of fluid consumed, all his shots taken and the first part of the oral medication administered, we started the feeding process. We got him in his chair and I got his food, with the second part of his oral medication mixed in, and, thank God, he ate it all, ravenously. I tried to give him more but he looked at me reproachfully like he was saying “Aren’t you ever satisfied?”, so I did not push. I gave him his water and as usual he drank it all, then I put in the small drip through the cannula, and it worked well. After the usual 25 minutes in the chair we got him out and went to sit on the balcony where I gave him the remainder of the bottle of fluid.

Everything was going well, he was sleeping peacefully and I was reading, when I noticed him nibbling at the cannula. I jumped up but by the time I got to him he was already tearing it out of his arm with his teeth. I called the vet in the compound near me and made an appointment with him to put in another cannula. Then I fed Troy his second meal of the day, also one jar of baby food, chicken and rice, and he ate well. Then with Samir, I took him to the vet to have the new cannula put in. It went well and the vet covered it to avoid a repeat of the same.

On returning home I was so relieved by Troy’s progress, I started cooking a meal the recipe of which had been sent to me by a friend. People who know me know that I am no good in the kitchen, much as I try, but sometimes things do work out. That was one of the times things did work out. For the first time in over a week I had a cooked meal, and what a meal!

The evening started well with Troy’s third meal that he ate well but not as ravenously as the previous two. Then came the time for his second bottle of fluid. This he took all at one go. Then half an hour later was time for his final meal of the day. This would have the oral medication for the end of the day. He just would not eat. I gave him the two pills, one he swallowed and the other he threw up. I thought I would give him a couple of hours to work up a bit of an appetite, but by 10 in the evening he was fast asleep, with what felt like a higher temperature than usual. So I just gave him his evening shots and we turned in.
Unexpectedly, he slept very well, and so did I.
Next morning he woke up rather lethargic but temperature seemed normal, so I started the medication going, initially with the first part of the oral one, then the five shots then the drip.


All went well. When I left the room he jumped off the bed, trotted right after me, bypassed me on the stairs and headed for the door. I opened it to him and out he went to the front garden and across the fence greeted his siblings who barked up a storm for him. I was so relieved to see him more energetic. I then took him upstairs and gave him his meal with the second part of the oral medication. This time he polished off two jars of baby food! Joy! It looks like our progress is now two steps forward one backwards, which is a definite improvement to what has been the case up till now.
I am now preparing myself for the long haul as I am sure after overcoming his pneumonia, he will be going through a long convalescence. The following week we should be finding out about his irregular heartbeat. I hope it is just a side effect of the pneumonia and nothing more.