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Though the cannula has been giving me a great deal of trouble, yet now that I can give him the fluids subcutaneously, I am no longer in a panic. Most of the medications that were added to the fluids are now administered either orally or through shots. Also the fact that he now has a better appetite, and more to the point is keeping most of what he eats, is very encouraging.
I thought it was about time to try to cook his food at home as he broke my heart standing there watching Sabet prepare the food for the rest of the dogs. So I cooked his food, chicken with courgettes and carrots, all boiled together with just salt.
Once done I had to put them through the food processor for quite a few minutes to get them to the consistency that would go down easily. His first meal of the home-cooked food was a joy to watch. I could barely keep him from devouring the plate. And he kept most of it. He also slept deeply and comfortably for a couple of hours afterwards. What a relief! His appetite is back, he is now taking to his chair and he is giving me a hard time with the medications. All very good signs of real recovery.
I am keeping Dr. Motaz posted with all developments and he keeps telling me about the changes in medication from IV form to either tablets or shots. I hope at our next visit to the clinic that Troy weighs a bit more than he did last week.
I can actually see a difference in Troy’s expression.


His eyes are brighter, he wags his tail more enthusiastically, and he is beginning to be stubborn about things he does not want to do, also more assertive about things he wants.


In other words he is getting back to normal behaviour, though still very skinny and still without much stamina. But I am so grateful for the progress I thank God continuously.
Once Dr. Motaz gives him the all clear where the pneumonia and the heart are concerned I shall be in seventh heaven. This would mean that we are on our way to convalescing normally, trying to live with the restrictions of the megaesophagus – which we are starting to do – and on our way free and clear.
The effect Troy’s illness has had on me was great. His continuous throwing up has totally put me off my food so I have dropped three kilograms in two weeks. I had been going to the gym previously for two months and my weight did not budge! So this is definitely a silver lining to that cloud. Another positive is that now my fingers are getting much stronger with all the ampules I have to break to give him his shots.


My back is also getting stronger so I can now get him into his chair all on my own. I am getting him interested in my iPad as this is how we while away the half hour he has to sit in his chair after every meal. My only reservation is that he might want to get onto Facebook after we’re done!

I am feeling far more optimistic than I have been in quite some time, though still keeping my fingers crossed for the outcome of our next vet visit.