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It was not a conscious, deliberate decision, but I found myself involved in it up to my ears before realising that I had jumped into Pandora’s Box.
It all started, as all good stories start, with an idealistic, starry eyed view of helping and doing good. And as all good deeds do not go unpunished, I am now reaping what I have sowed.
I love Egypt. I love it’s people. I love everything about it and about them. But I see them for what they are, and who they are, and because of my deep love for them I want to make sure they become the best.
Like all good intentions, I am now on a fast track to a rather very warm climate.
Criticism and advice are two things that are never really tolerated for long. Although I am very careful to couch both in very general terms and my style is conversational and mostly about my observations or my personal assessments or conclusions, yet in my rather short career since I’ve started my Facebook page in Arabic, I have managed to get myself kicked off a few groups!
People here seem to be very touchy about so many things, it is a miracle anyone can seriously talk about anything without offending or antagonising a few people.
Most of the subjects I write about fall into one of two categories. Either I am talking about animal welfare, or I am making general observations about the social or political situation, either in Egypt or anywhere in the world that happens to be in the news.
Whenever I talk about Egypt I usually find a few people against what I am saying, but then another large number are usually with what I’m saying, because I seem to have a knack of putting in words what a lot of people are thinking but are unable to express.
What has surprised me though is a great deal of intolerance from certain people who I would have thought to be the last to resist my observations. The thing all these people have in common is the inability to face painful facts. So instead of getting angry about the message, they take it out on the messenger. The more direct of them say it outright that they would not tolerate the discussion of certain subjects on their groups. These are administrators of Facebook groups and feel that certain subjects are taboo. Others simply say that I am off subject and to please stop posting there. Some don’t even bother to say anything and simply block me.
What all these people have in common is a fear of facing certain realities. These are usually people who have a vested interest in one of the subjects I had touched upon. But I found that the general public seem to be really interested in what I write and I am starting to get a good following who interact with me.
Though my initial posts were previously visited by people numbering in the low hundreds, I am now being read by numbers ranging from the high hundreds and into a few thousands. This indicates to me that I seem to be on the right track, that I truly have my finger on the pulse of what is going on in the country. Also I seem to be voicing a great deal of the peoples’ observations, complaints, questions or wishes.

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I never started out to be a Don Quixote but it seems that windmills follow me everywhere. My only option is to continue. If I get banned from writing anywhere, then I guess that will be the ultimate accolade that I have touched a nerve. I shall not stop writing, but will probably stop publishing. I will leave instructions though to be published posthumously.
This is an uncontrollable urge, this expressing of what I feel is right, and what I deem to be my duty, because of the love l bear for my country and for my people. So I won’t stop. I simply cannot stop.
God bless and protect my beloved Egypt.