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This Christmas was very special.
As most of you know my beloved fur baby Troy has been sick since mid September. A horrible disease called megaesophagus and was compounded with pneumonia. We have been struggling with this disease which is incurable but could be handled with special care and a total change in the patient’s lifestyle. This necessitates a change in my lifestyle as well to suit him. This is not a problem, because as the saying goes: love conquers all.

Love. This is what makes this Christmas so special to me. I am overwhelmed with love. Not only from my family and friends, but from acquaintances and even total strangers.
It seems the plight of Troy has touched many people. Troy is such a beautiful young dog, very gentle and extremely loving. This all comes through when you look into his eyes. His tragic health issues, in one so young, seemed to have sparked something in the hearts of many people who followed his progress.

As many know, we are having a very difficult time finding some medical products in Egypt these days. I really don’t think it is a side effect of floating the Egyptian pound as many who hiked prices seem to think. I think it is unconscionable greed on the part of many who are trying to create a high demand that would justify a hike in prices. This is an acceptable practice but not for essential goods like medicines. To me, this is criminal.
In Troy’s case he is prone to bouts of nausea and vomiting which leave him totally undernourished. He has already lost more than half his weight. The only way to keep him going is to give him an infusion either through a cannula in the IV or by sub cutaneous injection. This infusion, in the form of a drip, is called “Ringer”, and is really his lifeline as this is what is keeping him hydrated and fed. This “Ringer” is nowhere to be found in any of the pharmacies. It has disappeared. Then just as things started to get desperate, Cookie fell sick, stopped eating, and now she too needs feeding through infusion.

Desperation turned into despair. I have been struggling to keep Troy alive over the past four months, under very difficult circumstances, and now this!
The first wave of love I felt was when I initially – out of desperation – wrote on Facebook about Troy’s circumstances. Total strangers went out of their way to look for, find and send me bottles of the needed infusion. One wonderful lady whom I never met, sent me over half a dozen bottles from the north coast of Egypt with the driver of one of the busses travelling down to Cairo. Another angel, the sister of a friend, looked all over her district and delivered another half dozen bottles, and finally another total stranger called to say she had some left over from when her dog needed it and I sent to collect them. This was so touching it overwhelmed me. All this love, all this care, and not a single one would accept payment, even though they paid for them.
These bottles lasted till just before my Christmas.
Again I was faced with the desperation of not finding the only thing that is keeping my baby alive. My blood pressure started rising and I started increasing my medication to control it. But for Christmas I got the biggest surprise of my life.

Every Christmas I have my friends and part of my family over to help me celebrate. This Christmas was very special. Every family member and every friend who could, came over with whatever number of bottles of Ringer they could lay their hands on.


I was really and truly humbled. All this love pouring onto me, a beautiful feeling of warmth, a big collective hug. My lovely babies are guaranteed some more days and all because of the love of all those beautiful people.
God bless each and every one of you for caring, for going out of your way to look for the medicine, for buying it and for giving me and my babies a reprieve.
A Christmas full of love indeed, a real Christmas in the true sense of the word.