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My compound, along with a few others in our area, have been subject to a spate of burglaries which escalated to home invasions. What scared most of the home owners was the daring of these professional thieves in actually invading the homes while the residents are there – albeit asleep but still present.
Our compound home owners set up a meeting where we discussed the situation and agreed to putting in home security systems for the individual houses. Other plans to enhance security were discussed and a timetable put in place for implementation.
It has been observed that none of the houses that were hit had any dogs. So now there is a great demand for dogs. As I have my own brood, I am quite comfortable till I put in the security system. But it seems that the sub-conscious does not always agree!
I was out for dinner last night and came home just before midnight which is not too late. All was quiet, my gardeners/guards were up and locked the gates after me. I went into the house and locked all the doors and windows, went upstairs and finally went to bed by half past twelve.
At 5 am a noise woke me up! I could not tell what the noise was or where it came from, but suddenly I was fully alert with a slightly accelerated heartbeat. I kept completely still and listened intently. Then I heard movement at the end of the hall. I turned the light on in my bedroom and while getting out of bed heard stealthy footsteps of bare feet going down the wooden stairs. I stepped out of my bedroom and turned the lights of the hall on, walked to the stairs and turned the lights there on too. Nothing!
I went back to the hall and turned on the lights to the downstairs hall. Still nothing. I walked through all the rooms upstairs, all clear. Suddenly there was a shuffle behind me. I jumped and turned to find one of my cats dashing out of one room into another. With my heart in my throat I went to that room, turned on the lights. Nothing.
Then I heard the bare-footed tread on the stairs again. I shot out of the room to try to get a glimpse of the intruder and came face to face with Spicy!
My thickly muscled Mau, Spicy was coming up the stairs, looked at me and shot into the living room. Ok! So my cats have been playing games with me!
With my heart trying to slow down I finally turned out all the lights and went back to bed. The moment I turned the lights off, the dogs outside started barking! Will this night never end?
Before I could get up again I heard the call to sunrise prayers and realised that my dogs were barking because people were on the street going to the mosque for the first prayers of the day.
It took me about an hour to settle down enough to go to sleep again, vowing to accelerate the delivery of and getting the right security system set up. I don’t think I can survive another night of games with my “cat burglars”!