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Again it is this time of the year when everything starts to grow, the sun shines warmer, the breeze is more of a caress and the flowers burst into bloom.

T. S. Eliot said “April is the cruelest month of the year”.. in the sense that everything that had been dormant is starting to come to life – and life is full of change and could therefore be “cruel”.
I took a walk in my garden and in every corner I saw something beautiful, a tree with flowers in full bloom, and another where the flowers are still forming. I saw patches of grass struggling to reach up to the sun while being smothered by the sand spread on top to keep it warm in winter. I saw leaves uncurling to spread their face to the sun, to show off their glinting greenery. I saw nature coming to life.

I remember three years ago how surprised I was by this annual transformation that has been happening since the world began. I was still reeling from the loss of my Mom when suddenly there was this world blinding me with its colours and beauty, taking my breath away with its throbbing life. I was stunned.
I am continuously being stunned.

Every spring it is the same, yet every spring it is something new. Life is forever changing yet constantly amazing. Nature sweeps me into a vortex of blooming buds, laughing leaves and growing grass, flocks of birds painting a symphony in the sky, clouds lazily telling a never ending story. The warm hug of the sun lingers into the cool embrace of dusk, and the birdsong miraculously turns into a cicada’s lament.

Nothing is still, even the silence has its sound. Life is brimming over the edge, flooding with feelings of painful joy.
Eliot was right: April IS the cruelest month of the year.