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Looking out of the breakfast room window while having my breakfast this morning, I found the tears streaming down my face as I was watching the dogs playing in their pen. I still miss Troy tremendously and find myself crying at odd moments. This cloud of melancholia had me wrapped up for the last month or so, but enough is enough.

I quickly finished my breakfast and went down to the garden, called the gardeners and started a long, long overdue walk with an eye to what needs to be done. For the past four weeks we have been fixing the wooden fence that keeps the dogs in their pen or the orchard, and away from the back or front gardens.

The fence was so dilapidated, and Helen has been busy making tunnels everywhere. So for four weeks now we have been either shoring the existing fence with a concrete base, or putting in a new wooden one, also with concrete base. We are now nearly done with the construction and will start with the painting early next week.
The garden also needs a bit of an overhaul. I took a walk through with the gardeners and the best part was having the dogs around. I never realised how much I’ve missed them. I never realised that that was exactly the cure I needed.

They cavorted all over the place, jumping up in their excitement at my being right there with them, dashed into the pool and came out with wet sandy paws and jumped up on me! Heaven!
The walk in the garden also resulted in a few cosmetic rearrangements. Part of the garden where the dogs are always running has become bare of any grass, so I had the boys plant in a few Indian Jasmine trees that were taken out of the original tree that needed trimming when I put in the security alarm system.

Now we just have to wait for them to start growing their leaves and flowers this summer.
Then I looked at the glass house and saw that the border was very straggly and the flowers turning wild and unruly. So I had the boys collect the large white stones from the border around the trees and made a defined border around the glass house.

Then we went to another part of the garden and snipped off the highest shoots off a bed of geraniums and went and planted them within this border.
In the meantime the dogs were everywhere getting underfoot and generally making a nuisance of themselves, giving the boys a hard time doing their job. But by the time we were nearly done Weeny (Queeny) my little mix breed came and joined the gang. Immediately Helen pounced on her. They were by the edge of the pool and poor Weeny promptly fell in! A couple of seconds of shock, then in pounced Helen after her trying her best to drown her as that is her favourite pool game. But thank God Weeny was so frightened of being in the water she swiftly swam to the shore and shot out, followed by the rest of the gang. By the time we got them all calmed down and settled, both the boys and I were as wet and bedraggled as the dogs.

Two hours of pure physical exercise and a huge dose of doggie love and a large dose of fun and achievement had thrown off my mantle of melancholia and I felt rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. God bless my fur babies.