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Yesterday was one of those days when evening came, I thought the day was done. I had had a lovely day, a gorgeous lunch of delicious food and quality time spent with good friends. So by 7 pm I had taken my shower and changed into my night clothes, anticipating a quiet evening and an early night. But one never knows!
The first indication that not all was well in my world was when I heard two of my dogs fighting. This is nothing new, and having six of them, this is something that happens periodically. So I turned on the security monitor to see what was happening and all I could see was one of the gardeners, half way into the dogs’ house, probably trying to set them apart. Then out dashed one golden retriever, then another, and finally my little mixed breed. So now I knew who was fighting, but could not see what happened or if any of them was hurt.
A couple of minutes later the gardener came up to tell me that Helen was hurt. She got into a fight with Petra, her sister, over a bone.

But this time the fight was really vicious and Petra got a hold of Helen’s throat and would not let go. Helen was hurt and bleeding from the throat. I turned cold. This was serious.
I immediately went down to the kitchen where the gardeners had isolated Helen. Her whole throat area was soaked in blood. The first thing I tried to do was calm her down. Then I gave her some water, she was thirsty and drank well. Then I tried to clean some of the blood to try to assess the damage. But every time I wiped some off, more blood spilled out. This was serious. Some big damage was done, but it did not look like a main artery. So I called the nearest vet to my compound, 12 kilometres away, told him what happened and he said to bring her over right away.
I hate driving at night, but I had no choice, the driver was off and I had to, so off we went. In 20 minutes we were there and the vet started examining her.

He did confirm that no major artery was severed but that she had been bitten twice, and one of them was the one bleeding profusely. Then he started cleaning her up and disinfecting the wounds. He was very thorough. He gave her several shots, to stop the bleeding, an antibiotic shot, one to give her vitamins and minerals to counter some of the blood loss. Her temperature was normal for that time of night and she was not in shock and did not show disturbing signs of significant blood loss. So to be able to get her calmed down for him to thoroughly clean her wounds, and because she had just had dinner, he gave her some herbal calming pills as any kind of tranquilliser could have upset her stomach badly. In a few minutes she was very relaxed and he started the cleaning process.

It took something like three hours, and still that one wound was bleeding, true, not as profusely as before, but still. He finally had her bandaged and told me not to worry if there was still some bleeding tomorrow, wrote out a list of medications and we left. On the way home I stopped by the pharmacy and bought the medications and finally got home around 11.30, exhausted. I called him to tell him that she was still bleeding and he advised to give her a second shot of the medication to stop the bleeding, which I did.

This morning there was some slight bleeding, but I did manage to expose the wound, put in the powder and other medication prescribed, then started the calls to rearrange my social schedule for the week. I am back in ICU mode!
You can never tell how your life could change from one second to another!