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It was such a pleasure to see the response of my Readers when I told them that my Facebook page is back in operation after a slight technical hitch. I was just trying to thank all those who were commiserating with me when I could not publish, but the response was very gratifying indeed.
As I had written this post thanking them for their support, in English, I suppose it is my fault to have misled them into thinking that I shall be resuming my English articles – daily! I was really thinking of my Arabic articles which I do write daily. The latter have taken up so much of my thought, effort and time, that I barely have the energy to write in English. But when I wanted to speak from the heart, I turned to English, which, I guess, is the language of my emotions. Arabic seems to be the language of my mind.
It is really very strange that I can only be lyrical, emotional or even playful only in English. When I start writing in Arabic I immediately become practical and analytical. I wonder if that has its root in who taught me which language?

I know I learned English at school. As students we were allowed to speak Arabic only during Arabic lessons, but English was spoken everywhere else, and all the time. So my Dad, God rest his soul, decreed that Arabic would be the language of choice at home. If my theory about how each language adapts itself to one facet of my personality, then I guess the practical, analytical environment was the one at home, while the whimsical, emotional one was at school. It seems like a very strange set-up now.
Looking through what I have written, in both languages, I am overwhelmed! It is quite a lot! And so diverse. I’ve written a great deal about myself in English, including many observations, opinions and anecdotes, as well as a few political articles.

In Arabic I started out writing awareness articles about animal welfare,

then branched out and diversified into political, socio-economic observations and analyses. How did I get here?

I started writing four years ago, it was a hobby that started by accident. A dear friend asked me to help her out. She had received a letter from a cousin living abroad, lauding the Muslim Brotherhood. This was at the time when they were in power in Egypt. She was very upset for we knew exactly what they were and we were having a very bad time of it trying to envision how we could get rid of them, as life under their rule was becoming intolerable. My friend wanted to send her cousin a full, detailed reply to his letter, giving a briefing about the background and history of the Brotherhood … in English. She asked me to write it, and I did. That is how the whole thing started.
After a while, I re-read what I had written and thought it might be of interest to other English speakers who did not know about the Brotherhood. So I posted it on Facebook. And as they say, the rest is history..

Now writing, in both languages, has practically taken over my life. I could not stop even if I wanted to. It is no longer a hobby, it is a way of life. I love to be able to find the right words, the exact expression, the perfect phrase that transforms my thought, emotion or analysis into a solid communicable entity. I love it when I do get my intention through to others. I love the feeling of touching others’ minds and feelings. To me this is the ultimate in oneness, in being a part of the whole. That is why I never feel lonely when I am writing. I have this whole world of friends listening to me, sharing with me my life, my writings. I even get responses too!
This makes you, my Readers, my whole world.
Thank you for being there.